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From the Great Wall to Buckingham Palace: Moving from China to the UK


Relocating from China to UK is an exciting adventure, but planning a smooth move requires careful consideration. A crucial factor is deciding what belongings to bring. Shipping costs can soar quickly, so it’s important to weigh sentimental value against practicality. Research customs regulations and explore alternative options like selling furniture in China and buying new in the UK. This post dives deeper into the challenges and strategies involved in navigating international shipping from China to UK, helping you make informed decisions for a successful move.

Understanding the Relocation Process

If you are planning to relocate to the UK, start early, research thoroughly, and don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance. Here’s a breakdown of key steps:

Visas: Understanding your reason for moving (work, study, family) is crucial. The UK offers various visas, each with specific requirements. Research the Gov.UK website well in advance.

Housing: Secure temporary accommodation before your move. Online resources and relocation specialists can help you find flats or houses suited to your needs in your chosen city.

Shipping: Research companies for shipping from China to UK and compare costs. Consider the time it takes for belongings to arrive and if interim furniture is needed. Remember, essential items might be more affordable to buy upon arrival.

Shipping from China to the UK

Relocating from China to UK | Sherpr

Shipping boxes and luggage across continents can be a headache. Sherpr simplifies moving belongings from China to UK with a convenient, reliable, and affordable luggage shipping service.

Save Money: Ditch expensive traditional shipping quotes – Sherpr offers rates up to 85% cheaper.

Skip the Hassle: No more lugging suitcases to the airport. Sherpr picks up directly from your doorstep in China.

Reliable Delivery: Relax! Sherpr’s secure network ensures your boxes and luggage arrive safely in your new UK home.

Focus on the Fun: Let Sherpr handle the shipping, so you can focus on exploring your exciting new life in the UK!

Sherpr’s Services and Benefits

Shipping across continents can add a layer of stress to your exciting adventure. Sherpr steps in to make overseas shipping to UK from China smooth and hassle-free.

Door-to-Door Convenience: Say goodbye to airport excess baggage limitations and long check-in lines. Sherpr collects your belongings directly from your doorstep in China and delivers them straight to your new UK home. No more lugging heavy suitcases – you can focus on the adventure ahead.

Effortless Online Booking: Sherpr streamlines the process with a user-friendly online platform. Get instant quotes, schedule your pickup at your convenience in China, and track your shipment progress in real-time – all from the comfort of your home.

Peace of Mind with Tracking & Insurance: Never worry about your belongings’ whereabouts. Sherpr’s online tracking system allows you to monitor your boxes and luggage every step of the way. Additionally, Sherpr offers optional insurance for added peace of mind when you’re moving abroad.

Customer Satisfaction at the Core: Sherpr prioritises your satisfaction. Their extensive network and commitment to secure delivery ensure your belongings arrive safely in the UK. Their dedicated customer support team is readily available to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have.

Hassle-Free Customs Clearance: Let Sherpr navigate the complexities of international shipping. They take care of all customs clearance processes, allowing you to focus on settling into your new life in the UK. With Sherpr, you can avoid the confusion and delays that often arise with traditional shipping methods.

Packing and Preparation

Relocating to a new place is an exciting adventure, but ensuring your belongings arrive safely requires strategic packing. Here are some tips for a stress-free journey:

Box Clever: Invest in high-quality, double-walled cardboard boxes specifically designed for shipping. Avoid using flimsy boxes or used ones that may not withstand the rigors of international travel.

Size Matters: Choose the right box size for your belongings. Overpacking can lead to burst boxes and damaged items, while too much empty space allows items to shift during transport.

Wrap it Tight: Use plenty of cushioning material like packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or foam rolls. Wrap fragile items individually, paying special attention to corners and edges. Fill any empty spaces within boxes to prevent items from jostling around.

Labelling is Key: Clearly label each box with its contents and destination on multiple sides. Include your name, contact information, and “fragile” if applicable.

Heavy Duty for Heavy Items: For heavier items like books or cookware, consider using sturdy plastic bins with secure lids for added protection.

Documentation is Essential: Keep a detailed inventory list of all your shipped belongings for customs clearance and insurance purposes. Take pictures of your packed boxes for reference.

Think Strategically: Consider consolidating belongings. Ship sentimental items you wouldn’t easily replace, while selling or donating bulkier items in China and replacing them upon arrival in the UK.

By following these tips and utilising Sherpr’s shipping service from China to the UK, you can ensure your belongings make the journey safe and sound.

Customs Clearance and Documentation

Door-to-door shipping from China to UK | Sherpr

Understanding customs clearance is key. Here’s a breakdown:

Prepare Documents: The UK requires specific customs documentation for imported goods. This typically includes a commercial invoice detailing item descriptions, quantities, and values; a detailed packing list; and an import declaration.

Know Your Limits: The UK has a de minimis value of £135 below which import duties and VAT are usually waived. For items exceeding this value, research potential fees using the UK government’s online tariff tool.

Accuracy is Crucial: Ensure all information on your documentation is accurate and matches the contents of your shipment. Discrepancies can lead to delays or additional charges.

Consider a Customs Broker: For complex shipments or those exceeding a certain value, consider hiring a UK-registered customs broker to navigate the process for a smoother clearance.

By planning ahead and preparing the necessary documentation, you can avoid customs clearance delays and ensure your belongings reach your new UK home efficiently.

Shipping Timeframes and Delivery Options

Excited to explore your new UK home, but worried about waiting for your belongings? Sherpr offers convenient shipping from China to UK to fit your needs.

Standard Delivery: For most shipments from China to the UK, Sherpr offers competitive transit times, typically ranging from 2 to 5 business days. This is a great option for efficiently transporting your luggage, boxes, and essential items.

Need it Sooner? For urgent deliveries, Sherpr provides expedited shipping options with potentially faster transit times. While exact times may vary, these options can ensure your belongings arrive in the UK within a tighter timeframe.

When booking your shipment, Sherpr clearly outlines the estimated delivery window for both standard and expedited options. With Sherpr, get reliable shipping service China to UK and rest assured your belongings are on their safe journey.

Customer Testimonials

Overseas shipping to UK from China | Sherpr

Paul said, “Outstanding customer service at a very reasonable price. I was guided through each step and kept informed of the status of my shipment. This is a company that does great work in an industry not famous for good customer service or good value.”

Neil James Thambi said, “Delivered baggage in a quick time. Ms Samantha helped me with all documentations and for all the clearance required. Really thankful to the great tracking system which able to track each stage of the movement.”

Eric Neil said, “Excellent service. Everything was so easy. I have used them three times and they have always been extremely helpful explaining what is required, they keep you informed every step of the way, and the service is excellent!!”

How to Book Sherpr’s Services

Moving to the UK from China? Sherpr simplifies your relocation with a user-friendly online booking system. Here’s how to get started:

Get a Quote: Visit Sherpr’s website and enter your pickup location in China and your final destination in the UK. Specify the number and size of boxes or luggage you plan to ship. Sherpr will instantly provide you with a competitive quote.

Book & Schedule: Once you’ve accepted the quote, proceed with secure online payment. Schedule a convenient pickup time for a door-to-door shipping from China to UK.

Pack Like a Pro: Sherpr provides detailed packing instructions on their website to ensure your items arrive safely. Invest in sturdy boxes and use ample cushioning materials. Clearly label each box with contents and “fragile” if applicable.

Relax & Track: Sherpr takes care of the rest! Sit back and monitor your shipment’s progress in real-time using Sherpr’s online tracking system. You’ll receive updates on collection, transit, and estimated delivery to your UK address.

With Sherpr’s streamlined process, you can book your China-to-UK shipment with ease, ensuring a smooth and stress-free relocation experience.


International relocation from China to UK is an exciting adventure, but shipping your belongings across continents can be difficult. Sherpr simplifies the process with their reliable and convenient door-to-door luggage and box shipping service. Forget expensive quotes and airport struggles – Sherpr offers budget-friendly rates and picks up directly from your doorstep in China. Their user-friendly online platform allows for easy booking, real-time tracking, and eliminates customs clearance complexities. With Sherpr, you can focus on exploring your new life in the UK, knowing your belongings are in safe hands.