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The alternative to airline baggage

Ship to over 200+ destinations with Sherpr’s airline baggage alternative.

  • Travelling somewhere soon?

    Whether you’re migrating abroad or going on a holiday, the days of being able to take multiple bags with you on your flight are over! Now you need to be aware of hidden costs and try to guarantee that your luggage will make it to the other side.

    In addition to this, travel chaos could often lead to airport baggage queues lasting for hours, and sometimes only for you to find out that your luggage has been left at the airport or sent to the wrong destination!

    But things don’t need to be like this! There’s an alternative for you to skip all that chaos and ensure your luggage will be transported with security and efficiency: Sherpr.

  • What is Sherpr?

    Sherpr is a friendly airline luggage alternative service that sends all of your favourite items to your destination, whether it’s a suitcase of holiday clothes, or a box of ornaments for your new home abroad.

    All you need to do is select the service you want, pack your items up at a time that suits you and our couriers will do the rest – you can even arrange to have your things arrive at your destination before you!

Why send luggage with Sherpr?

Benefits of using Sherpr as an airline baggage alternative

  • Flat fees

    One of the most frustrating things is going to the airport and finding that extra baggage fees have been racked up. Sometimes these can cost more than the flight itself. You don’t need to worry about this with us – we offer flat fees, so what you’re quoted is what you pay!

  • Less stress

    Travelling or moving to a new country is one of the most stressful things that you can ever do. Carrying all your baggage through an airport and to a new destination can make it even more so. With our service, you don’t need to do any of the hard work – simply pack up and we’ll take care of the rest. 

  • Insured

    We know that your possessions are very valuable to you, so all of our packages come with full insurance (you can choose how much to cover your items for during the booking process) – so you can move with us with full peace of mind.

  • Less waiting time

    When you use Sherpr, you won’t need to spend time checking in bags or waiting at luggage carousels. We do all of that for you – instead, you can travel hands-free and have your items delivered at a time that suits you.

What we deliver

  • Suitcases


    Up to 30Kg

    We can send luggage weighing up to 30kg door-to-door. Making that family trip, weekend away, or big move a whole lot easier.

  • Boxes


    Up to 30Kg

    Relocating? Moving in or out of university accommodation? Keep things hassle-free with our door-to-door box sending service.

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Shipping domestically?

  • Next day delivery

    We can also provide our services for domestic shipping. For example, if you’re moving to Edinburgh from London for university or going on a hiking holiday to Cornwall, you might opt to fly or take the train or bus.

    However, taking excess baggage on flights can be very expensive; EasyJet and British Airways short haul in particular are infamous for their extra baggage flight prices, whilst travelling with lots of luggage on trains and buses can be very inconvenient or actually impossible.

    Take the stress and anxiety by using Sherpr. We can help you send luggage within UK to your university halls of residence, house or hotel at a low cost, at a time that suits you!


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Where can I use Sherpr airport baggage alternative?

  • We’ve got you covered

    Currently, you can ship bags and send boxes and parcels from the UK, USA or UAE to countries around the world and vice-versa. So whether you’re relocating to Dubai for work, transporting cycling equipment to Florida for a holiday or heading to Italy for a year for a foreign exchange programme, we can provide our hassle-free service. 

    We ship to over 200 destinations across the globe, including Brazil, Iceland and South Korea, so wherever your next adventure is taking you, we can likely assist

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