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Ship Luggage | Sherpr

Travel luggage transport

Take away the hassle and stress of travel by shipping your items door to door, ahead of time with Sherpr, so you can travel to the airport hands free. Whether you’re heading on a golf break and want to ship golf clubs, or want a relaxing journey to the airport and back, our luggage delivery service means that you can focus on your trip, while Sherpr takes care of luggage shipping and getting your belongings to your end destination.

No airport queues, risk of lost luggage or time wasted with delays. Ship luggage with Sherpr, your personal luggage courier service, and simply enjoy the journey.

Relocation Luggage Shipping | Sherpr

Relocation & removals

Whether you’re moving abroad for a job, or for a change of scenery, Sherpr’s international removals service including box and luggage shipping has you covered. Transport your personal items including bikes, boxes and suitcases to more than 200 destinations at the click of a button.

We ship luggage and boxes across the UK and internationally every day for thousands of customers. If you need luggage transport either in the UK or abroad, speak with one of our box and baggage delivery service experts for information about customs requirements of your destination country.

Student baggage delivery service | Sherpr

Student baggage delivery service

Starting university can be stressful and nerve racking. Sherpr takes away the additional headache by shipping luggage and your personal items from your home to your campus.
Our student luggage transport and baggage delivery service is ideal, whether you’re studying in the UK or abroad.

With luggage to ship home and away every term, we’re all about making student life easier. We offer convenient, dependable, and budget-friendly UK and international student luggage shipping services tailored specifically for each location and delivery route.

Ship luggage in 4 simple steps

No hassle, door to door box and luggage delivery service.

  • 1. Book

    Get an instant quote online and book your item(s) with our easy to use site. To ship luggage or boxes internationally, we'll guide you through the relevant customs forms through your Sherpr account.

  • 2. Pack

    Securely pack your belongings in a suitable box or suitcase. Then, simply attach the Sherpr label that you can print yourself or request to receive through the post.

  • 3. Track

    Our luggage transport partners will collect your items from your home. And for peace of mind keep tabs on your shipment every step of the way with handy tracking tools.

  • 4. Delivered

    Now it’s time to relax! We’ll get your items to your end destination ready for your arrival. No airport queues, delays, or unexpected fees. Luggage shipping is made easy with Sherpr.

Luggage Courier Service | Sherpr

Luggage to ship? Let us take care of it

Let’s face it: travelling can be a mixed bag, and your luggage can be your trusty sidekick or a hefty burden. If you have a lot of luggage to ship, Sherpr transforms your travel experience into an effortless journey, solving those all-too-familiar travel hassles. Say goodbye to eye-watering, excess baggage fees and the nerve-racking wait for your suitcase when you get off the plane; as the luggage courier experts we’ve got you covered.

  • Convenient baggage shipping

    With an expansive luggage courier network that spans over 200 destinations worldwide, Sherpr ensures that your travels are stress-free from start to finish. We offer a simple, reliable baggage shipping solution to ship luggage and your belongings wherever you need them to go, making your travel dreams a reality. Send luggage abroad confidently and conveniently to more than 200 destinations around the world.

  • Not just a luggage courier

    Sherpr doesn’t stop at luggage transport and baggage shipping; our services cater to a wide range of needs. Whether relocating to a new country, sending a gift or care package to a friend or family member, studying abroad or planning an exciting adventure. We offer a door-to-door domestic and international shipping service for boxes and belongings as well as luggage delivery. We understand the importance of a seamless transition and are here to help make it happen.

  • Budget-friendly shipping

    We strive to keep our luggage delivery costs low. In fact, our baggage shipping rates are a whopping 85% cheaper than brand-name box and luggage courier services. Our priority is to ensure a secure and hassle-free experience that won’t break the bank. So baggage shipping with Sherpr can keep your travel plans budget-friendly without compromising on quality.

  • Hands-on support

    At Sherpr, our commitment to premium customer service and support sets us apart. When you ship luggage and your belongings through Sherpr, you can be sure of the best care and attention every step of the way. Our luggage transport team is here to meet your every need, ensuring your travels are as seamless as they are cost-effective. Reach out to us by phone, email or web chat – whichever way you prefer and we’ll be happy to help.

“Experience the Sherpr advantage and join the growing community of travellers, students and professionals who have discovered the secret to easy, affordable, and worry-free luggage transport and shipping.”

Suitcase Delivery Service | Sherpr

1-hour collections when shipping from London

Don’t want to wait in all day for your items to be collected? Don’t worry, when you ship luggage to London with Sherpr, you can plan your day around 1-hour collection time slots.

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  • £100 insurance included with every shipment

  • Real people, customer service 5 days a week

  • Industry leading pricing for baggage shipping

  • 1-hour collection time slots for London

  • Dedicated luggage courier team tracks your items

  • Label printing service with luggage shipping kit