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Luggage shipping UK

Planning a UK staycation? Or travelling on business? If you’ve been searching online for an easy way to “send my bags” then why not consider our domestic shipping company. Sherpr’s luggage delivery service UK wide will take care of getting your things to your destination so you can relax and enjoy the journey with ease.

We offer the cheapest way to send luggage within UK that is 85% less than name-brand domestic shipping companies. And that include shipping golf clubs too! We ship luggage internationally as well and, whether we send luggage within UK or abroad, we provide a competitive flat rate for luggage weighing up to 30kg.

UK Domestic Shipping | Sherpr

Box shipping

Curious about shipping your items within the UK? Whether you’re sending gifts, parcels, or need to ship boxes for personal or business reasons, count on Sherpr as your trusted domestic shipping company. Experience a smooth and dependable way to send boxes and parcel through Sherpr’s reliable platform.

From parcels and gifts to personal belongings, we offer comprehensive coverage at affordable prices. Rest assured that your packages will reach their destination securely and punctually with our convenient tracking tools. Simplify and economise your shipping within the UK with Sherpr.

Best Luggage Delivery Service UK | Sherpr

Student shipping

Embarking on your Uni adventure is an exciting prospect! If you’re heading to a new UK city or town for your degree and searching for a luggage courier to get your belongings there safely, we’ve got you covered.  Unlike the traditional domestic shipping services, Sherpr provides one of the best luggage delivery service UK students love!

Our transparent flat-rate fees are designed around affordability and dependability. When you choose to send my bags with Sherpr, we’ll handle the shipping process seamlessly, whether it’s from your home to the new halls of residence or back again at the end of the term. Find out more on our student shipping page.

Send My Bags | Sherpr

Domestic shipping for relocation

Moving for work or to be closer to family? Figuring out the best way to ship your stuff within the UK is a big deal. Our door-to-door service is not only the most budget-friendly way to ship luggage domestically in the UK, but it’s also perfect for sending your stuff ahead to any destination.

When it comes to shipping boxes to another part of the country, we’ve got your back with a seamless solution. We get how tricky it can be to ship your belongings and treasured possessions, and our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through the process, ensuring your things arrive safe and sound.

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Enjoy easy shipping within the UK with Sherpr, the best luggage delivery service UK.

  • 1-hour collection slots

    Don’t want to wait in all day for a collection or a delivery? Our UK luggage and box domestic courier service offers you a 1-hour collection and delivery time slot so you can carry on with your daily activities If you’re based in London, you can select a specific 1-hour time slot during our seamless booking process.

  • Affordable rates

    Unlock savings of up to 85% on shipping rates by choosing Sherpr over direct booking with a baggage courier. Unlike UK airlines, we offer a transparent flat rate for domestic luggage shipping, eliminating any excess luggage charges. Choose affordable luggage shipping that won’t break the bank with Sherpr.

  • Complimentary insurance

    We offer £100 of complimentary insurance on all luggage and box shipments. And if that’s not enough, you have the option to purchase additional cover of up to £3,000. Plus, as part of our box and luggage delivery service within UK, you can keep tabs on your items using our real-time tracking tool.

  • Exceptional service

    Our customer service team is always on hand to help you with any queries you may have when you send luggage within UK with us. We are the best luggage delivery service uk wide and experts in shipping. We know the process of getting your belongings from your door to your preferred destination quickly, safely and securely.

Send luggage within UK in 4 simple steps

No hassle, door to door delivery of your luggage and boxes anywhere in the UK and abroad!

  • 1. Book

    Get an instant quote online for our UK domestic shipping service to anywhere. Then book your items with our easy to use site.

  • 2. Pack

    Once you’ve booked, pack your items securely in a robust suitcase or box and attach the labels that we provide.

  • 3. Track

    A baggage courier will collect your items from an address of your choice and you can track your items every step of the way.

  • 4. Delivered

    Now you can relax while we take care of delivering your shipment ready for your arrival. Luggage delivery has never been so simple.

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Receiving your pack

  • We’ll send your labels so you don’t have to print them

    You will receive your pack if you’ve purchased this online, and booked within 5 days of your shipment. If you’ve missed this you still need to follow these instructions and you’ll need to print and attach your labels securely.

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  • Send my bags? We’ve got you covered

    Your luggage is always in good hands. That’s why we include £100 of complimentary insurance on all “send my bags” bookings. You can enhance your cover up to £1200 so you can travel with peace of mind.

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    We know how important your items are to you and are always on hand to help. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. Our customer service team is available 5 days a week via phone, chat, or email.