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How to Avoid Excess Baggage Fees

Excess baggage fees can put a serious dent in your travel budget. Airlines in the UK can charge hundreds of pounds for overweight suitcases, turning a dream holiday into a financial headache.

The good news is there are ways to avoid these hefty charges. Planning ahead is key – by packing light and checking your airline’s baggage allowance, you can steer clear of unwanted fees.

But what if you still have those extra souvenirs or bulky items? That’s where an excess baggage company like Sherpr can be a useful and more cost-effective way to ship your excess luggage directly to your destination.

Understanding Excess Luggage Fees

Ever wondered how airlines in the UK calculate those pesky excess baggage fees? It’s a three-pronged attack: weight, size, and destination. Airlines set weight limits per checked bag, usually between 23-32kg. Go over that, and you’ll be charged per kilo, which can quickly add up to hundreds of pounds!

Size restrictions are another factor. Airlines have limits on your bag’s total dimensions (length + width + height). Packing bulky items like ski boots or sports equipment can push you over the limit, even if they’re not super heavy. Souvenirs can be deceiving too! A few heavy items like pottery or books from your European adventure could land you with excess baggage fees.

To avoid these surprise charges, understand your airline’s specific policy and measure your luggage before you fly. Remember, planning and packing light are your best friends when it comes to avoiding excess baggage fees UK.

The Cost of Excess Baggage Fees

Excess baggage company | Sherpr

Financial Consequences For Travellers

High Additional Charges: Airlines impose steep fees for baggage exceeding the weight limit. These fees can range from £10 to £50 per kilogram or £5 to £20 per pound. For example, a 10 kg excess could cost a traveller between £100 and £500.

Impact on Travel Budgets: These unexpected fees can significantly strain travel budgets, particularly for families or long-term travellers with multiple bags. Excess baggage fees can sometimes surpass the cost of the flight itself, reducing funds available for other travel activities.

Variable Fees: Excess baggage fees vary widely between airlines, creating unpredictability in travel expenses. Travellers may encounter higher-than-expected fees, especially when flying with multiple carriers.

Inconvenience and Stress: Managing excess baggage at the airport can be stressful and time-consuming. Travellers may need to repack or discard items to avoid high fees.

Potential Savings

Cost Savings: Sherpr offers UK baggage shipping options that can be more economical than airline fees. For example, shipping a 20 kg bag with Sherpr can cost around £40, compared to up to £1,000 with some airlines. For multiple bags, the savings are even more substantial. Sending three 20 kg bags with Sherpr could cost £120, while airline fees could total up to £3,000.

Predictable Costs: Sherpr allows travellers to plan and budget their expenses ahead of time, avoiding the shock of unexpected fees at the airport.

Convenience: Sherpr provides a door-to-door luggage delivery service, reducing the hassle of carrying and checking in heavy bags. Their service includes tracking and insurance, ensuring baggage arrives safely and on time.

Additional Benefits: Travellers can avoid airport congestion and potential mishandling of their luggage. Sherpr’s services can be scheduled to match travel itineraries, ensuring seamless and stress-free baggage handling.

If you are wondering how to avoid airline baggage fees then services like Sherpr are at your rescue. Using excess baggage shipping services can lead to significant financial savings and added convenience, making it a preferable option over paying high airline excess baggage fees.

Excess Baggage Shipping Services

Travelling shouldn’t be weighed down by baggage! Strict airline rules often limit what you can pack, forcing you to choose between essentials or souvenirs, and hitting you with expensive excess baggage fees.

Sherpr is an example of a one-stop solution to stress-free luggage transport. Here’s why travellers choose us:

Flexible Bookings: Need to ship a single box or a mountain of luggage? No problem! Sherpr tailors its services to your needs, letting you book at your convenience.

Budget-Friendly: Airline fees can break the bank. Sherpr offers a much more affordable alternative, saving you money without compromising on quality service.

Door-to-Door Convenience: Forget the airport baggage chaos! Sherpr picks up your luggage directly from your home and delivers it straight to your destination.

Personalised Care: Every traveller is unique, and so are their luggage needs. Sherpr provides customised solutions to handle everything from delicate items to bulky sports equipment.

Peace of Mind: With years of experience and a commitment to excellent customer service, Sherpr guarantees secure and on-time delivery. Sherpr also provides insurance options, giving you peace of mind throughout your trip.

Top Travel Hacks to Avoid Excess Fees

Excess baggage shipping | Sherpr

Check out these tips to dodge excess baggage fees and enjoy your vacation.

Pack light, travel happy: Forget the “just in case” mentality and focus on essentials. Plan outfits that mix and match to reduce clothing needs.

Know your weight limit: Weigh your luggage at home before departure to avoid surprise fees at the airport. Kitchen scales are your friend.

Carry-on champions: Pack versatile items in your carry-on that can double up for other uses. A scarf can become a blanket, a sarong can be a beach towel.

Space-saving skills: Roll clothes instead of folding to save space. Use packing cubes or compression bags to maximise luggage capacity.

Heavy hitters first: Pack heavier items like shoes and toiletries towards the wheels for optimal weight distribution when rolling your suitcase.

By following these travel hacks to save money, you can enjoy your vacation in peace.

Cost Comparison: Airline Baggage vs. Sherpr’s Services

Airline fees: A sneaky travel cost!  Many airlines like Easyjet, Ryanair, Wizz Air, and British Airways charge per-kilo excess baggage fees. These can be brutal, often exceeding £15 per extra kilo.  For a 10kg suitcase, that’s an additional £150 you weren’t expecting.

Sherpr: Your hero is Sherpr excess luggage shipping services. For the same 10kg suitcase, Sherpr offers a way more affordable solution.  Shipping with them could cost you under £100, a potential saving of over £50.

Savings that grow with weight: The heavier your excess baggage, the more Sherpr can save you.  Imagine a hefty 20kg suitcase – airline fees could skyrocket, while Sherpr’s rates remain much lower. The potential savings here could be hundreds of pounds.

Travel lighter, wallet heavier: By choosing Sherpr excess baggage shipping, you can free up precious baggage allowance. Avoid those hefty airline charges, and travel with peace of mind.  All this, at a fraction of the cost compared to airlines.

How to Use Sherpr’s Excess Baggage Shipping Service

Skip airport baggage woes! Sherpr lets you ship extras directly to your destination. Get a quote online, book, then pack securely in a suitcase (check their guidelines!). Schedule a pick-up at your door and track your luggage online. Sherpr delivers safely, letting you travel light and explore more!

Get a Quote & Book: Skip the airport baggage hassle! Head to Sherpr’s website and enter your travel details. Get an instant quote to see how much you can save on excess baggage fees. Once you’re happy with the price, booking online is quick and easy.

Pack Securely: Now for the fun part – packing! Sherpr provides clear guidelines for packing your excess luggage. Think sturdy suitcases or boxes, and keep loose items contained. Once packed, attach the labels we provide for easy identification.

Convenient Pick-up & Tracking: Schedule a pick-up at your doorstep that fits your schedule. No need to lug your bags to the airport! Relax and track your luggage online every step of the way with Sherpr’s tracking system.

Delivered & Ready for Adventure: Sherpr handles the rest! Your luggage will be delivered safely and securely straight to your destination, waiting for you to begin your adventures. Arrive stress-free and ready to explore!

Testimonials and Success Stories

Let’s check out what people say about Sherpr!

Abby C said, “Sherpr made the process of shipping my items internationally absolutely seamless and for a competitive price. Joe Prince could not have been more helpful in getting the project started – I would not have been able to get my items sent without him. I would use Sherpr again in a heartbeat!”

Mary said, “Best experience ever. Best customer service and above all very fast and cheap👌 Thanks to Dunkan for being professional and always available. I recommend it. Thank you guys”

Deryk Green said, “Excellent and caring service. As a new user of Sherpr I was pleasantly surprised! Customer care you helpful, and the website easy to navigate and use.”


Traveling shouldn’t be burdened by baggage fees! Try other convenient and cost-effective travel solutions to skip airport hassles and hefty airline charges by shipping your extras directly to your destination. Get a quote online, pack smart, and enjoy a stress-free pick-up.  Travel lighter or let Sherpr handle the luggage worries. Visit Sherpr today, forget the baggage fee blues and enjoy a smooth travel experience.