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How Shipping Luggage Saves Money On Excess Baggage Fees

Excess baggage company | Sherpr

Airline baggage fees can be a real travel bummer. You pack your suitcase with everything you need, only to be hit with a surprise charge at the airport because it’s a few kilos too heavy.

Those fees can feel like a real blow to your travel budget, leaving you wishing you’d packed lighter! But fear not, traveller! There’s a solution to this problem – an excess baggage company like Sherpr can save you money.

Luggage shipping lets you send your suitcase ahead, so you can travel light, breeze through check-in, and arrive at your destination ready to explore without lugging around heavy bags. Not only is it convenient, but it can also be a budget-friendly option.

Read on to discover how pocket-friendly shipping alternatives can help you outsmart those fees and keep more money in your pocket for exploring your new destination.

Understanding Excess Baggage Fees

Understanding Excess Baggage Fees

Ever wondered why airlines sometimes charge extra for your suitcase? It’s all about weight limits and avoiding overweight baggage fees. Here’s how it works:

Weight Limits: Just like a scale at the gym, airlines have a weight limit for checked luggage, usually between 23 and 50 kilos (think a big dog!). This includes the suitcase itself!

Excess Baggage Charges: Pack more than that limit, and you’ll be charged extra per kilo you go over. It’s like a “heavy bag tax”! These fees can vary between airlines but expect to pay anywhere from £25 to a hefty £75 or more for each extra kilo you pack. The more you bring, the more it can cost!

Destination Details: Flying to a different country? Things might be a bit different. Some routes or airlines might have lower weight limits or extra fees on top of the normal charges. Always check the airline’s website or give them a call before you pack to avoid any surprises at check-in.

Packing Pitfalls

Here’s how you can accidentally end up with overweight baggage fees:

Packing for Every Season: Bringing clothes for all kinds of weather? Remember, the airline doesn’t care – it’s just the total weight!

Packing More Than You Need: Tempting to pack everything “just in case”? Those extra clothes or toiletries could push you over the limit.

Souvenir Shopping Spree: Found some amazing souvenirs on your trip? Great! Just remember, they add weight to your bag.

By knowing how airlines calculate these fees, you can pack smarter and avoid a nasty surprise at the airport. Don’t worry, there are ways to outsmart these fees! Stay tuned while we explore some clever solutions.

The Cost of Overweight Baggage

Cost of Overweight Baggage

Airlines’ excess baggage fees can leave you feeling like your trip just got a hefty price hike. Exceeding their weight limits, typically between 23-50 kgs (50-110 lbs), means facing per-kilo charges that can be a real budget buster. Imagine forking over £50-£100 extra just because your suitcase weighs a few kilos more than allowed!

But travellers, fret no more! Luggage shipping services like Sherpr or DHL Luggage shipping offers alternatives. Think about it: shipping a 10 kg box might cost around £40-£60 depending on distance. Now compare that to potential airline fees – you could be paying a whopping £80-£100 just for that extra weight!

Pocket-friendly shipping services often provide competitive rates, especially for smaller suitcases. You can ship bulky winter clothes or clothes for your entire stay, freeing up valuable luggage space and avoiding airline baggage drama.

It’s essentially an investment in a stress-free travel experience. You’ll save money on fees, have all your belongings waiting for you, and skip the airport baggage claim chaos. Now that’s a win-win for any traveller!

Benefits of Shipping Luggage

There are numerous luggage shipping benefits compared to sending packages via airline. Check out the perks of a luggage delivery service like Sherpr and plan your next trip accordingly.

Outsmart Overweight Fees: Airlines charge hefty per-kilo fees for exceeding weight limits. Shipping luggage avoids these charges, potentially saving you significant amounts compared to airline fees.

Travel Light, Pack Smart: Ship bulky items like winter clothes, sports equipment, or excessive toiletries. This frees up valuable suitcase space for essentials and eliminates baggage weight restrictions imposed by airlines.

Stress-Free Travel Experience: Ditch the struggle of lugging heavy suitcases through airports and crowded terminals. Arrive at your destination with everything waiting for you, ready to explore without the baggage claim hassle.

Cost-Effective Alternative: Shipping a box can be significantly cheaper than airline excess baggage fees, especially for heavier items. Pocket-friendly shipping services offer competitive rates to help you save on travel expenses.

Peace of Mind: Many services offer real-time tracking capabilities and optional insurance, providing security and peace of mind while your belongings are in transit.

Flexibility and Convenience: Schedule a pickup at your home or a convenient location. Choose delivery options that suit your needs, like standard or expedited delivery, or even direct delivery to your final destination.

By strategically shipping luggage ahead, you can avoid surprise fees, travel comfortably without the burden of heavy bags, and arrive ready to enjoy your trip from the moment you land.

Cost Comparison: Airline Baggage vs. Luggage Shipping

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Airline baggage fees can be a real budget buster! Checking a 10kg bag with airlines like EasyJet, Ryanair, or British Airways can cost anywhere from £25 to £75, depending on the route and booking time. These fluctuating fees make it hard to predict travel expenses.

Here’s a smarter option: Sherpr luggage shipping. For a 20kg suitcase on the same route, Sherpr offers more predictable pricing, typically between £40 and £50 which is another great reason for shipping luggage. This luggage shipping cost comparison translates to potential savings of up to 85% compared to some airlines.

By choosing Sherpr, FedEx luggage shipping or another service, you avoid surprise baggage fees, skip airline weight restrictions on checked luggage, and ditch the hassle of lugging heavy suitcases through airports. Travel smarter, ship smarter, and save money for your next adventure.

Types of Items to Ship

Dreading airline baggage fees? Shipping luggage ahead can be a lifesaver! Here’s what to consider shipping for saving money on airline baggage fees.

Bulky But Beloved: Think winter gear like ski boots or heavy coats. Shipping them ensures you arrive prepared without exceeding weight limits.

Sports Enthusiasts: Ship golf clubs, hockey sticks, or bulky sporting equipment – perfect candidates for luggage shipping. Ditch the baggage claim wait and enjoy hassle-free arrival with your gear.

Musical Marvels: Guitars, violins, or other instruments are often too large for carry-on luggage. Shipping protects them from damage while saving you on fees.

Oversized Essentials: Large suitcases themselves can push the weight limit. Ship them ahead and travel light with just a carry-on for essentials.

Bulk Buys: Heading on a long trip? Shipping bulky items like extra towels or toiletries can free up valuable suitcase space and avoid hefty fees.

By strategically shipping these items, you can outsmart airlines’ excess baggage fees, travel light, and arrive at your destination ready for adventure!

How Luggage Shipping Works

Forget airport hassles and free yourself from excess baggage fees with Sherpr or other luggage shipping services. Here’s how it works:

Schedule Your Pickup: Most services offer online booking with convenient pick-up options at your home or a nearby location.

Pack Smart, Ship Secure: Pack your luggage following the service’s guidelines (often similar to airline restrictions). Go for sturdy luggage and consider using packing materials for fragile items.

Track and Trace with Peace of Mind: Many services offer real-time tracking capabilities. Monitor your luggage’s journey online for peace of mind.

Delivery Options to Suit You: Choose between standard or expedited delivery options depending on your needs. Some services offer door-to-door delivery so you can enjoy your trip without worry.

Choosing Your Shipping Partner

Research and Compare: Look for a reputable company with a good track record and competitive rates and enjoy the financial benefits of shipping luggage.

Read Reviews: Check online reviews to get a sense of other customers’ experiences.

Consider Insurance: Optional insurance can provide financial protection in case of damage or loss during transit.

By following these tips and choosing the right service, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free luggage shipping experience, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure!


Unforeseen airline baggage fees can throw a wrench in your travel budget. Luggage shipping services like Sherpr are the best excess baggage fee alternatives that can transform your travel experience.

Imagine bypassing those hefty charges airlines levy for exceeding weight limits. Shipping bulky items like winter clothes or sports equipment ahead of time can save you significant sums compared to airline check-in costs.

But the benefits extend beyond finances. Sending your bags ahead allows you to travel light, eliminating the need to lug heavy suitcases through airports and freeing up valuable space in your carry-on for essentials.

The takeaway? Services like Sherpr offer predictable pricing, convenience, and the freedom to explore without baggage claim hassles.

So, for your next adventure, consider shipping luggage ahead. Luggage shipping is one of the most cost-efficient travel solutions to save money, lightening your load and ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey from start to finish.