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Sherpr vs DHL Luggage Shipping

Sherpr vs DHL Luggage Shipping

Travelling light can be a dream, but excess baggage fees can put a damper on your trip. And relocation costs can be expensive with international removals services costing a fortune for even domestic moves. That’s where luggage shipping services in the UK come in. These companies take the weight off your shoulders (literally) by transporting your luggage directly to your destination.

Choosing the right service provider for shipping luggage is crucial. Consider factors like cost, speed, destination coverage, and customer support. A reliable service will ensure your belongings arrive safely and on time, allowing you to focus on enjoying your journey.

Airline baggage fees and lugging heavy suitcases can turn any trip into a chore. Thankfully, UK travellers have a secret weapon: luggage shipping services. Companies like DHL Express and Sherpr offer a dream come true – sending your luggage directly to your destination, freeing you to explore hassle-free. But with both vying for your business, the decision can be tough. Do you prioritise Sherpr’s focus on a smooth, personalised experience, or DHL’s extensive network? We’ll be dissecting the strengths of each service to help you choose the perfect luggage shipping partner for your next adventure.

Overview of Sherpr and DHL Luggage Shipping Services

Feeling weighed down by airline baggage fees and hefty suitcases? Here we’ll unpack the ins and outs of DHL Express and Sherpr’s services to help you to make the right decision.

Sherpr: Founded in 2017, this UK-born company has expanded globally, offering door-to-door luggage shipping within the UK as well as to and from over 200 international destinations. They focus on a user-friendly experience, with online booking, 7 days a week customer support, customs assistance, and online tracking tools.

DHL Express: A powerhouse in logistics, DHL boasts a long-standing reputation and extensive global network. Their shipping service leverages this reach, offering fast and reliable delivery to 220 international locations.

Imagine waltzing through the airport, unburdened by luggage. Both Sherpr as well as DHL luggage shipping services can make this dream a reality, but they cater to slightly different travel styles. Let’s explore their key features and benefits:


  • Personalised Service: Sherpr prides itself on a user-friendly approach. Their online platform streamlines booking and tracking, while their highly rated customer support ensures a smooth experience.
  • Flexible Options: Choose from standard or express delivery depending on your urgency. They handle customs clearance for international shipments, taking a weight off your mind.
  • Competitive Pricing: Sherpr offers transparent pricing structures, allowing you to compare quotes and choose the best fit for your budget.

DHL Express:

  • Global Reach: Backed by DHL’s extensive network, you can trust them to deliver your luggage to almost any corner of the world.
  • Speed & Reliability: DHL Express prioritises fast and reliable delivery, ideal for those on tight schedules or with time-sensitive items.
  • Extensive Tracking: Their robust tracking system allows you to monitor your luggage’s journey every step of the way, offering peace of mind.

Both services offer door-to-door convenience, eliminating the hassle of airport baggage claims. However, Sherpr emphasises personalised service and user-friendliness, while DHL luggage shipping leans towards speed, and a vast global network.

Cost Comparison – Sherpr vs DHL shipping rates

So you’re ready to ditch the baggage blues, but the cost is a concern? Here we’ll review the pricing structure of each service so you can identify which one fits your budget better.

Pricing Structure

Sherpr Luggage Shipping Costs Overview

Sherpr offers a transparent pricing system with instant online quotes based on your specific needs. Prices typically depend on:

Package dimensions and weight: Larger and heavier suitcases will naturally cost more.

Destination: Shipping to farther locations generally incurs higher costs.

Delivery speed: Standard shipping is usually cheaper, while express options come at a premium.

Discounts: Sherpr may offer discounts for bulk shipments or returning customers.

DHL Luggage Shipping Cost Overview 

While DHL provides quotes upon request, their pricing can be more complex:

Base Rates: DHL has established base rates that vary depending on factors mentioned above (weight, destination, etc.).

Additional Fees: Be mindful of potential surcharges for oversized or overweight luggage, as well as customs clearance fees for international shipments.

Discounts: Similar to Sherpr, DHL might offer bulk discounts or promotions.

Factors Affecting Cost

Here’s a breakdown of key factors that can significantly impact your final bill:

  • Package Dimensions: Exceeding standard size limits often triggers additional fees.
  • Weight: Heavier luggage translates to higher shipping costs. Consider consolidating items to avoid weight penalties.
  • Destination: Shipping across continents will generally cost more compared to domestic travel.
  • Shipping Speed: Express delivery comes at a premium, so plan ahead if you can utilise standard shipping options.

Convenience and Ease of Use

DHL luggage shipping cost

Travelling light sounds great, but navigating the booking process and ensuring smooth delivery can add stress. Let’s see how each service fares in terms of convenience:

Booking Process:

  • Sherpr: Sherpr boasts a user-friendly online platform for booking and managing shipments. You can easily obtain instant quotes and schedule pickups directly through their website.
  • DHL Express: While DHL offers online booking, their process might be less intuitive for first-time users. You might need to contact customer service or visit a service centre for specific needs.

Pickup and Delivery:

  • Sherpr: Provides convenient door-to-door pickup and delivery, eliminating the need to lug your luggage to drop-off points.
  • DHL Express: Similar to Sherpr, DHL offers door-to-door service, although some locations might require drop-off at service centres.

Tracking Capabilities:

  • Sherpr: Sherpr offers real-time tracking via their online and mobile platform, allowing you to monitor your luggage shipment.
  • DHL Express: DHL also provides robust tracking capabilities through their website and app. You can stay updated on your luggage’s location every step of the way.

Customer Support:

  • Sherpr: Sherpr emphasises personalised service. Their customer support team is readily available 7 days a week to answer questions and address any concerns you might have.
  • DHL Express: DHL offers customer support through phone and online channels. However, due to their larger size, you might experience longer wait times for assistance.

Unique Features:

  • Sherpr: Provides packing tips and guides to help you optimise your luggage for shipping. They might also offer student or relocation-specific discounts.
  • DHL Express: Boasts a wider range of express shipping options for those needing urgent delivery. Their extensive global network ensures wider coverage for remote destinations.

The Verdict on Convenience

Sharper edges out DHL luggage shipping for a smoother user experience, particularly with their user-friendly booking platform and personalised customer support. However, if express delivery or coverage to a very specific location is crucial, DHL’s extensive network might be the better fit.

Reliability and Transit Time

Let’s delve into the reliability and speed of DHL luggage shipping an Sherpr’s service based on customer reviews, industry reports, and average delivery times.


  • Sherpr: Reviews tend to praise Sherpr’s customer service for handling issues promptly. Sherpr’s Trustpilot reviews rate it excellent for reliability and personalised service.
  • DHL Express: Whilst DHL Express’s UK service is rated just 1.4 on Trustpilot, they boast a well-established reputation for their extensive network and global presence.

Transit Times:

  • Sherpr: Sherpr offers standard and express shipping options. Standard delivery times can vary depending on the distance, but typically take a few business days within Europe. Express options can expedite delivery significantly.
  • DHL Express: As the name suggests, DHL Express prioritises speed. They offer various express shipping options with guaranteed delivery times within specific regions.

Lost/Damaged Shipment Rates:

  • Sherpr: Finding concrete data on Sherpr’s lost/damaged shipment rates is challenging. However, customer reviews suggest a relatively low incident rate, with the company offering prompt resolution for such cases.
  • DHL Express: Due to their vast operation, specific data on lost/damaged shipments for DHL’s luggage service is limited. However, industry reports generally place DHL among the top performers in terms of cargo handling and on-time delivery.

The Verdict on Reliability & Speed

DHL holds the edge in terms of guaranteed speed and established reputation for reliability. However, Sherpr’s customer service focus might be appealing for those who value personalised assistance in case of any issues.

We’ve dissected the strengths and weaknesses of DHL Express and Sherpr. In the next and final chapter, we’ll weigh the pros and cons to help you pick the perfect luggage shipping partner for your upcoming adventure!

Coverage Area

UK box and luggage delivery services

Imagine your luggage arriving before you do, anywhere in the world! Both Sherpr and DHL offer extensive coverage, but there might be nuances depending on your destination.  Let’s explore their coverage areas and limitations:


Domestic: Sherpr’s domestic coverage to send luggage within the UK is good, especially for major cities. However, it might be limited for remote areas.

International: If you are looking to send luggage abroad, Sherpr boasts over 200 international destinations, covering a significant portion of the globe.

Restrictions: Sherpr may have limitations on specific items or countries. It’s always best to check their website for the latest updates and customs regulations for your destination.

DHL Express:

Domestic: Similar to Sherpr, DHL offers domestic coverage within the UK, but might be limited in remote locations.

International: DHL Express shines here, with a near global network reaching almost every corner of the world. Their extensive network makes them a strong choice for travellers venturing off the beaten path.

Restrictions: While DHL has a vast network, specific restrictions may apply depending on the destination and item type. Consulting their website or contacting customer service is crucial to avoid any surprises.

The Verdict on Coverage

For worldwide accessibility, DHL Express takes the crown due to its near global reach. However, Sherpr might be sufficient for popular travel destinations and offers a more user-friendly platform to check coverage limitations.

Making the Choice

Now that we’ve comprehensively analysed Sherpr and DHL, it’s decision time! Consider these factors to pick your champion:

Budget: Sherpa often provides upfront quotes, while DHL might have a more complex pricing structure.

Convenience: Sherpr excels in user-friendly booking and personalised service, while DHL offers wider express shipping options.

Speed: If speed is crucial, DHL Express prioritises fast delivery times.

Coverage: For remote destinations, DHL’s global network reigns supreme.

Sherpr vs DHL shipping rates

Overall Takeaway on the Best Luggage Shipping Options in the UK

Both Sherpr and DHL have satisfied customers, but cater to slightly different needs. Sherpr shines with a user-friendly platform and personalised touch, while DHL excels in speed, reliability, and global reach.

Making the Decision

We hope this blog post has helped you to unpack the Sherpr and DHL luggage shipping services.

Key Considerations:

  • Budget: Sherpr offers upfront quotes, while DHL might have hidden fees.
  • Convenience: Sherpr excels in user-friendliness, while DHL boasts wider express options.
  • Speed: DHL prioritises fast delivery times, especially for urgent needs.
  • Coverage: DHL’s global network reaches more remote destinations.

Sherpr Wins on:

  • User-friendly platform and upfront quotes.
  • Personalised customer service.
  • Competitive pricing for standard shipping.

DHL Express Wins on:

  • Speed and reliability, particularly for express options.
  • Extensive global network for wider coverage.
  • Real-time tracking capabilities for peace of mind.

In summary, the choice between Sherpr and DHL Express for luggage shipping services in the UK boils down to individual preferences and priorities. Sherpr stands out for its user-friendly platform, personalised customer service, and transparent pricing, making it an excellent option for those seeking a hassle-free experience with competitive rates. On the other hand, DHL Express shines with its emphasis on speed, reliability, extensive global network, and robust tracking capabilities, catering well to travellers with urgent delivery needs and those venturing to remote destinations. Ultimately, your decision should align with your budget, convenience, speed requirements, and desired level of customer support.