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China to UK Shipping | Sherpr

Luggage shipping

Sherpr is an effortless and practical solution for sending luggage ahead from China to the UK. Opt for our efficient and budget-friendly luggage transportation service and say goodbye to navigating stringent airline rules and exorbitant baggage charges. Benefit from our fixed-rate shipping cost to Europe for each item of luggage weighing up to 30kg, and the same for shipping to China from UK.

Parcel shipping to UK from China | Sherpr

Send packages from China

Shipping packages from China to the UK is a breeze with Sherpr. We choose the quickest and most economical route, enabling us to seamlessly manage the logistics of sending boxes and packages up to 30kg per item. And our rates are 85% less than standard couriers so you save money too.

China to UK shipping in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Book your shipment online through our website and complete the required customs forms on your Sherpr account.

  2. Pack

    Securely pack your items in a double-walled box or suitcase and attach the labels that we provide for you.

  3. Track

    Sit back and relax! Our courier partners will collect your items directly from you. Keep track of your belongings with our online tracking tools.

  4. Delivered

    Trust Sherpr to ensure that your items reach your final destination safely, securely and on time. China to UK shipping is easy with Sherpr.

Shipping China to UK for…

  • Relocation

    Planning to move to the UK? Don’t let shipping expenses deter you. Get a quick quote to ship from China to UK, ensuring a smooth transition to your new residence. Sherpr is here to simplify your relocation process, making it stress-free, affordable and uncomplicated.

  • Students

    Don’t let worry about moving your things overshadow your anticipation of studying in the UK. Ease your study abroad adventure with Sherpr’s student shipping service. Bypass airline limitations and charges as we take care of the logistics. Rely on our dependable door-to-door service, allowing you to concentrate on academics and ensuring a worry-free beginning to your university journey.

  • Leisure Travel

    Enjoy a smooth holiday journey with Sherpr’s China to UK shipping service for luggage. Forget airport hassles and hefty baggage charges. Our streamlined solution ensures your belongings arrive at your holiday spot and return home effortlessly. Relax and relish a stress-free vacation, with Sherpr handling the logistics, so you can focus on creating memories.

  • Business Travel

    For business travellers, let your company send your belongings directly ahead to your hotel in the UK to avoid steep airport baggage charges. Sherpr offers an added benefit by enabling the shipment of a broader range of personal items, each up to 30kg, without additional fees—circumventing airline restrictions. With our door-to-door luggage delivery service, you can focus on your work while we ensure the smooth transportation of your belongings.

Ship from China to UK | Sherpr

Shipping from China to UK

Similar to the visa application process for entry into the UK, China to UK shipping entails navigating international regulations and logistics. Being well-prepared before making your booking is crucial for ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Know the rules

    Keep abreast of the import and customs clearance procedures in the UK, and adhere to the rules and regulations diligently. This will help prevent unnecessary delays and fines. Gaining a thorough understanding of the required procedures is vital for ensuring an efficient shipping process.

  • China to UK shipping restrictions

    Make it a priority to visit the UK Customs and Border Protection website to fully grasp the list of permitted items, bearing in mind that some items might be subject to taxes and import restrictions. Staying updated on potential restrictions and guidelines is crucial for guaranteeing a shipping experience without complications.

  • Packaging your items

    To guarantee the safe transit of your items, it’s crucial to use robust and secure packaging. Use durable boxes, generous padding, and secure wrapping to safeguard fragile or valuable items, ensuring the secure transportation of your belongings.

  • Paperwork for UK shipping

    The process of shipping items internationally can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with numerous customs documents. We’ve simplified the process of China to UK shipping with our user-friendly system that effortlessly guides you through the online completion of required forms, making the entire experience hassle-free.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    At Sherpr, we offer a safety net to protect your shipment from potential loss or damage during transit. Our range of comprehensive insurance options ensures you can rest assured with £100 of complimentary insurance coverage. Plus, for those transporting more valuable items, our flexible approach allows you to add extra coverage as needed.

  • Cheapest shipping rates

    Relish our cost-effective service to ship from China to UK, priced at an impressive 85% less than standard couriers. Rest assured, you won’t need to sacrifice quality, reliability, or punctual delivery with Sherpr’s wallet-friendly solution for shipping luggage and boxes.

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3 reasons for shipping with Sherpr

1. Hassle-free travel

Preparing for a trip to the United Kingdom? Whether for business, exploration, or personal reasons, we can make your journey easier. If your itinerary includes outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or exploring scenic landscapes, transporting extra luggage becomes a consideration. Managing bulky equipment during standard flights can be daunting, but Sherpr simplifies the entire process. We ensure a convenient and seamless shipping experience from China to the UK, sparing you from unnecessary complications along the way.

2. Cheap and convenient

Whether you’re seeking adventure, escaping the bustle of life in China, or craving a weekend city break in the UK, Sherpr has transformed the way you transport your boxes and luggage. We provide a budget-friendly solution to ship your luggage ahead, and make it easy and convenient too. Our all-inclusive service including door-to-door pick-up and delivery, ensures a travel experience that’s free of hassle. It’s the smart and cost-effective choice to dispatch your luggage, whether for your outbound and return trips, or exclusively for the journey back – an ideal solution for holiday shoppers and souvenir collectors!

3. Flexible and versatile

As well as handling travel-related luggage shipping, we excel in domestic and international removals. Whether you’re planning a relocation from China to the UK and need assistance, or you’re a student preparing for university life in the UK, Sherpr is your dependable partner for transporting your belongings. We recognise that moving abroad and emptying dorm rooms can be daunting tasks. That’s why our China to UK shipping service is thoughtfully crafted to streamline the entire process for you.

Frequently asked questions

Our Economy shipping rates to the UK start from £293 for 20kg and £399 for 30kg, guaranteeing delivery within 4-5 working days.

With Economy shipping your delivery will take 4 – 5 working days. For faster delivery within 3-4 working days you can select the Express shipping option for an added charge.

Get an online quote and then book your shipment, opting for either the Economy or Express shipping options, and fill in the relevant customs forms through your Sherpr account. Pack your belongings and attach the labels that we provide. Our courier partners will collect from an address of your choice in China and deliver to your chosen  destination in the UK.

The most cost-effective way to ship to the UK from China is with our Economy solution. Rates start at £293 for 20kg and £399 for 30kg, guaranteeing delivery within 4-5 working days.