15 Life-Changing Reasons for Studying Abroad

15 Life-Changing Reasons for Studying Abroad

Torn between your home country and studying abroad?

We get it. The reasons not to go to school abroad are pretty well documented. There’s the logistical hassle of the move itself, the cost, and the emotional dilemma of leaving home. It’s enough to put anyone off.

Why should I study abroad?

However, before you start unpacking your cases and settling into home life, take a look at our quick-fire list of 15 reasons to study abroad.

From mastering the art of surfing to sampling overflowing skillets of paella – we’ll cover all the reasons to go to university overseas. Plus, we’ll cover why it’s not as expensive or complicated as you might think…

1. Get your culture on

It really can’t be overstated – getting to grips with a new culture is a huge reason to study abroad. We’re not talking about burying your head in dusty books or wandering aimlessly around museums.

Experiencing a new culture means stuff like haggling at the local market, comparing your neighbourhood’s shawarma stalls, and checking out indie art galleries that champion local talent.

All of this will help you to become a better global citizen. You’ll return home with a broader outlook, newfound open-mindedness, and an appreciation for other cultures.

Two female students studying abroad

2. Learn a language

At this point, you’ve probably downloaded all the language apps and mastered the art of saying “hello” in a handful of languages.

But nothing beats learning a new language in the country itself. It’s much easier to pick up a language when you’re surrounded by it every day.

Even when you order a beer or jump on a bus, these are opportunities to practice. Learning a language can make you more employable but it’s also just a great way to immerse yourself in a culture. 

3. Communication is key

Whilst we’re on the subject of communicating, not everybody can learn a new language whilst studying abroad. That’s okay. Even if you aren’t chatting away with the locals, you’ll still develop your communication skills.

Learning how to interact with different kinds of people – especially with a language barrier – is a good skill to have. Different countries will also have social nuances you might not be used to, and it’ll be a chance to learn how to communicate effectively in different situations. 

Three students enjoying life while studying abroad

4. New country, new you

It might sound obvious, but a big reason to study abroad is the chance to live in a new country. Goes without saying, right? But with all the information out there about the costs of studying abroad and the chance to get a better job, this simple fact can get overlooked.

If you’re asking yourself, “why go to university at all?” this is why. You might have been on holiday before, but having the chance to travel extensively, become a regular at a coffee shop, and make new friends in another country is a great reason to study abroad. 

5. Career savvy

Securing a great career is one of the biggest reasons why students want to study abroad.  For those who’ve got one eye on their future career, you’ll already know how beneficial this is. It demonstrates independence and adaptability to employers.

It also sets you apart as somebody with experience in problem-solving and communicating with a wide range of people. Increasingly businesses are keen on candidates having a ‘global mindset’, something that studying abroad can give you.

6. Build a global network

Sticking with the theme of jobs, the people you’ll meet are a key reason to study abroad. Yes, they could later become important business contacts and future colleagues.

But even if they don’t, building a global network of friends is equally important. You’ll have a wide circle of contacts to draw upon for career leads and travel plans. 

7. Holiday options

Speaking of travel plans, that global network is good for more than just jobs. It’ll give you some good holiday couch-crashing options! 

8. Interning

Young male student looking over a city

Our last word on the job angle is, interning. Travelling overseas means you’ll have the chance to undertake an internship or a work experience placement in your chosen country. This plays into building connections, but it also gives you the chance to experience another working environment.

Essentially it’s trying before you buy. You might decide that you prefer another country’s work-life balance, attitude to employees, or pay rates as opposed to your home country. This is a good chance to decide where you’d like to work in the future.

9. Quality of education

Don’t let your further education options be limited by your country. Some keep their uni search small and local but this excludes quality education institutions overseas.

If you’ve got the grades and potential, this is a valid reason to go to university abroad. Even if you aren’t necessarily looking for a ‘better’ uni, different countries have different teaching styles. You might find one that suits you better overseas. 

10. More subject options

Marine biology on Australia’s Gold Coast or human rights studies by the lake in Geneva… some countries will offer your subject specialism to a degree your home country can’t.

If you widen your search and make it worldwide, the choice of subjects is pretty much endless. This is a really attractive reason why students want to study abroad if they have a particularly niche specialism. 

11. Hobbies and interests

Thinking of your career and education is great, but don’t neglect your lifestyle. Heading to a new country gives you the chance to explore new hobbies and interests. Surfing in South Africa’s Jeffrey’s Bay or food-crawling your way through San Sebastián could lead to passions that enhance your life in the long term.

Group of students posing in front of a lake

12. Graduation

Why go to university abroad? Well, you’re probably more likely to graduate. As far as reasons to study abroad go, that’s got to be up there. Numerous studies have found that students who head overseas to complete their education are more likely to graduate than those who stay at home. 

13. Money matters

It’s not as expensive as you’d think! This has got to be one of the main reasons that students are put off from heading abroad. It really shouldn’t be. There are now several international study abroad loans and funding schemes on offer.

Those from disadvantaged backgrounds can apply for scholarships, plus many universities have cheaper tuition rates than your home unis. You might even find that the cost of living is cheaper too.

14. Logistics

Similarly, moving your things abroad doesn’t have to be a logistical nightmare. We’ve all heard the horror stories of bikes and laptops lost in transit, sentimental items damaged at the airport, and huge piles of unintelligible documents to fill out.

Sherpr makes it easy. We’ll make sure you swerve excess baggage fees, mishandled goods, and long airport queues.

Simply book online, pack your items, then track them seamlessly as we deliver them to your end destination ready for your arrival. Strapped for cash? We’ve kept costs low – up to 85% cheaper than going direct to couriers. 

15. Home sweet home

It may not seem like it now, but leaving home and flying hundreds of miles away might make you appreciate what you have. After years of living in the same neighbourhood, city, and country a bit of absence could let you see things from a fresh perspective.

If not? You’ll have discovered a new country to potentially put down roots.