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A Guide to Student Accommodation in the UK

Many of you are embarking on your first, independent overseas journey to study in the United Kingdom. On one hand, it might make you sentimental, but on the other hand, you are getting closer and closer to your career aspirations.

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But one important question might linger in the back of your mind. ‘How will I find student accommodation in the United Kingdom, and what do I need to do next?’ 

Students who are leaving their hometown may indeed be concerned about student housing. This involves sacrificing the comfort of their homes and family and friends. And finding your own home to live in is a challenging feat. 

That’s why we have created this guide to help students find their perfect student accommodation in the UK.

Types of student accommodation in the UK

The following are several of the most popular types of student accommodation in the UK:

University halls

Being in a university residence hall allows you to meet friends right away. You will meet other people from all identities and religions while pursuing a range of courses. You can stroll to lectures and use the on-campus sports facilities and library. Students in their first and second years constitute most of those living in hall rooms. 

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Many halls of residence offer laundry and canteen facilities with meal plans, but some might charge students extra for using those facilities. 

Most university halls of residence are near the heart of the city, and regular bus services between the universities and the city centre are readily available.

Private students halls

Renting private student housing is a popular choice in the United Kingdom. Private student halls are comparable to residential halls, except reputable businesses operate them like amber student accommodation.

After a year of using halls of residence as your student accommodation, you could decide to move into an apartment with a group of close friends. This typically means that you’ll have your own bedroom and will share the living room, dining, and washroom with other people in the home. 

The price of renting a house will vary depending on its size, area, and quality. Everyone tends to share these expenses in the household. When visiting a property, it’s a smart option to inquire about this and carefully consider what you’ll have to spend before entering into an agreement.

Private flats

Private apartments are another popular housing option for students; they are available through a renting agency or a private individual. It can give you a feeling of independence because you’ll have to manage rent and other costs on your own like electricity, wifi, and groceries.

Many locations with a significant student population are densely packed with private student housing, like student accommodation in London or Oxford. You choose who you reside with, and staying with a few best friends can be a lot of fun. You can throw those amazing house parties that you always wanted to do!

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Because you’ll most likely be in a residential neighbourhood, you could experience what it’s like  to be a part of a larger community in your region. The residential neighbourhoods are well connected with other parts of the city.


Staying at a student homestay is an excellent way to get acquainted with life in the United Kingdom. The families are carefully chosen by the organisations that organise the homestays to cater for students and make them feel comfortable and at home. They are interested in meeting individuals and understanding their traditions.

You will usually have your own room in a homestay, but you will accompany the family for mealtimes and participate in their daily responsibilities. It is an excellent opportunity for international students to make close acquaintances, speak English, and discover much more about the British way of living. 

This type of student accommodation is also an excellent option to get the overall experience of studying abroad in the UK. But many students feel it hampers their privacy and freedom as they have to follow the rules of the house in which they are staying.

What will be your pick for student accommodation?

It is best to begin looking for student housing in the UK as soon as possible.There are different types of housing options available  based on budget, quality, and overall experience. Each type of accommodation has its own set of challenges and benefits. So, while selecting the perfect accommodation for yourself, consider all of these factors. And when it comes time to move, our service to send luggage within UK can help make the transition easier.

And if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments section.

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How can Amberstudent help you?

Amber serves millions of students worldwide by providing the best options and rewarding experience for booking a house. We are upgraded with the latest COVID protocols and would be more than happy to assist you in booking your ideal home. Tune in to our Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

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