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  1. Book

    Get an instant quote for shipping from UK to UAE from UK or 200 other destinations. Fill in the relevant customs forms through your Sherpr account with our easy-to-use site.

  2. Pack

    Pack your items up safely and securely in a durable box or suitcase. Attach the labels that you can print yourself or receive through the post.

  3. Track

    Our courier partners will collect your items from your home or another address of your choice. Keep tabs on your items with our handy tracking service

  4. Delivered

    We’ll get your items to your destination ready for when you arrive. Sherpr makes shipping to UAE from UK or anywhere easy so you can enjoy the journey.

Shipping to UAE from UK | Sherpr

Shipping from UK to UAE

Whatever you’re shipping to UAE from UK, we make it easy with our door-to-door service. But, as international regulations vary for each country, it’s important to be aware of the process. When you ship to UAE from the UK or anywhere else, here are a few things to consider:

  • Customs

    When you’re shipping to UAE from UK, import taxes, or duties might apply to some items and some items might be restricted. Make sure you check the Government’s Customs Website for what is and is not allowed.

  • Paperwork

    As with all international shipping, whether you’re shipping from UK to UAE, you’ll need to fill in a customs form. We’ll provide you with the documents to complete online from your account with step-by-step instructions.

  • Packaging

    Package up your belongings safely and securely to prevent them from getting damaged during transit. For luggage delivery we’d recommend using a sturdy suitcase (we can’t ship duffle bags as luggage shipments) and sturdy boxes, padding, and secure wrapping for parcels to protect any fragile or valuable items.

  • Insurance

    When it comes to the United Arab Emirates, whether you’re shipping to Dubai from UK or to somewhere else, our service includes standard insurance cover of £100 per order. And for more valuable shipments you can add additional cover up to the value of £3000. The insurance cover will protect your shipment against potential loss and damages during transit.

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UAE Customs Information

Find out more about the United Arab Emirates’ customs requirements for when you travel or relocate to Dubai.

Shipping to UAE from UK | Sherpr

Shipping to UAE from UK is easy for….

  • Relocation

    With the third busiest airport in the world and a huge expat community, relocating to the UAE is a popular choice. Aside from the obvious 365 days of sun and sprawling golden beaches, there are plenty of other reasons to make the move. English is widely spoken, the landscapes are varied, and the culture is thriving.  

    If you’re planning on moving to the UAE we can help. All we need from you is a short description of the items you’re planning on taking and your reason for moving (for customs purposes). Then you’ll need to pack your items in walled boxes and sturdy suitcases. We’ll do the rest.

    If you are a resident who is returning to the UAE to live, you will need to provide a copy of your passport and your Residence (Emirates ID) or Employment Visa.

  • Students

    Uprooting and studying abroad couldn’t be more exciting, however, moving your personal items can be a drag. Here at Sherpr, we are made up of people that have travelled the world studying so we know the pain points of moving items to and from different countries. Let us take care of the shipping whilst you travel hands free.

    Visit our student shipping page for more information.

    If you are travelling to the UAE to study, you will need to provide a copy of your passport and a letter from your place of study confirming attendance, the course to be studied and the length of the course.

  • Leisure

    Leisure travel is big business in the UAE. You can take a camel safari into the desert and sleep under the stars in a Beduin camp. Or, simply stroll down wide shopping streets lined with designer stores and world-class restaurants. 

    If you’re heading to Dubai for a holiday don’t mess around with airport queues and excess baggage fees. Send your luggage and items from the UK to Dubai with us and we’ll have it waiting at your hotel, ready for your arrival.

    If you are travelling to the UAE for a holiday you will need to provide a copy of your passport.

  • Business Travel

    The United Arab Emirates has a healthy business economy, and tax-free earnings and savings appeals to professionals globally. In particular, the likes of Dubai have become global hubs for business and are revered across many industries. 

    For companies shipping to UAE from UK or professionals travelling to Dubai on business, Sherpr is a no-brainer. Compared to airlines, we let you send more items and at a weight of up to 30kg with no additional fees.

Packing Considerations

Follow our guide and recommendations on how to pack your items for safe shipping from the UK

Shipping Luggage To UAE | Sherpr


When it comes to using a luggage delivery service, the sturdier the suitcase the better – this goes for hard or soft cases. You’ll need to tuck in all straps, and if that’s not possible tape them down or remove them.  Next, put your labels in a plastic sleeve and attach this securely to the suitcase with cable ties. Lastly, make sure you leave your suitcase unlocked in case customs or the courier need to verify the contents.  

Unfortunately we don’t accept rucksacks and holdalls and we don’t recommend using designer luggage when shipping to Qatar from UK, or to anywhere else in UAE.

Ship To UAE | Sherpr


If you are wanting to ship a parcel or moving boxes from the UK to UAE, we would advise you to choose a durable, double walled option. Secure your belongings in place to avoid damage during transit. And make sure that any fragile items are wrapped individually and carefully, then cushion them with bubble wrap or something similar.

If you can, whatever you shipping to UAE, spread your heavier items between boxes and include a copy of your label in the box. This helps with verifying the contents too.

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