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Ship to Germany hassle-free with Sherpr!

Shipping luggage to Germany | Sherpr

Shipping luggage to Germany

Heading to Germany to experience the nightlife of Berlin or the Christmas markets in Hamburg? With Sherpr’s luggage shipping service you can book fast and affordable shipping so you can travel hands and stress-free. No more  transporting your luggage to and from the airport. We’ll pick up your luggage from your home and get it to your hotel or hostel. Skip the strict airline restrictions and eye-watering baggage fees, ship to Germany with Sherpr and take all of your belonging with you. We offer flat rate cost for shipping luggage to Germany too for up to 30kg per item. Send luggage abroad with Sherpr and enjoy hassle-free travel. And for souvenir enthusiasts, you can choose to book one way shipping from Germany to UK instead.

Send parcel to Germany | Sherpr

Send boxes and parcels to Germany

As well as shipping luggage to Germany, if you are thinking about international removals, or sending parcels, gifts and boxes we can help. We offer affordable rates to ship to Germany, free insurance up to £100 and hands-on customer service.  We’re consistently rated excellent for our straightforward booking process when we’re shipping to Germany from UK. With our network of courier and shipping partners, you have the peace of mind of trusting that your packages will arrive safely and on time. And, tracking tools mean that you can trace your parcel every step of the way.

4 simple steps to ship UK to Germany

  1. Book

    Get a quote in an instant and ship to Germany from the UK and over 200 destinations. Fill any customs forms through your Sherpr account with our step-by-step instructions.

  2. Pack

    Pack your items safely and securely in a suitable box or suitcase. Attach the label that you can choose to print yourself or receive through the post from us.

  3. Track

    Now simple relax! Our courier partners will collect your shipment directly from you. Follow your items with our handy tracking tools.

  4. Delivered

    We’ll get your items to Germany ready for your arrival while you focus on your journey. Shipping UK to Germany is easy with Sherpr.

Shipping UK to Germany | Sherpr

Shipping from UK to Germany

Whether you’re shipping luggage to Germany or boxes, there are a few things that you need to consider. International regulations vary for each country and it’s essential to be aware of the process before you book your shipment. Here are some things to consider:

  • Shipping restrictions

    When you ship to Germany from UK, import taxes, or duties might apply to some items and some items might be restricted. Make sure you check Germany’s Customs Website for what is and is not allowed when you’re shipping UK to Germany.

  • Paperwork

    For international shipping to any location around the world, you need to complete a customs form. This varies country by country. Sherpr make it simple, and once you’ve made your booking, we’ll provide the shipping documents you need. We’ll guide you online with step-by-step instructions.

  • Packaging your items

    Package up your shipment safely and securely to prevent your belongings from getting damaged during transit. We’d recommend using sturdy boxes, padding, and secure wrapping to protect any fragile or valuable items. We cannot ship duffle bags as luggage shipments.

  • Insurance for loss or damage

    Our UK to Germany shipping service includes standard insurance cover of £100 per order. However, for more valuable shipments you can add additional insurance cover during the booking process up to the value of £3000. The insurance cover will protect your shipment against potential loss and damages during transit.

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Sherpr makes shipping UK to Germany easy for…

  • Relocation

    With the best economy in Europe and the fourth largest in the world, Germany gives expats bang for their buck. Moving to Germany means a better standard of living, with impressive work packages and universal healthcare. There’s a range of arty cities and quaint Bavarian towns to explore as well as some staggering landscapes. 

    Convinced? We can help you with the big move, shipping UK to Germany. If you are a resident who is returning to Germany to live or if you are moving there, then you will need to provide a copy of your passport, your flight details, official proof of residence or rental agreement/registration in Germany, as well as evidence of you living abroad such as an employment contract or lease.

  • Students

    Moving to Germany for the education opportunities? It makes sense, the country has an exemplary system and no student feed. 

    Don’t let international shipping take the shine off studying in Germany. Our team can take that off your hands with our affordable door-to-door student shipping service to send bags to Uni.

    If you are travelling to Germany to study you will need to provide a copy of your passport, your flight details and official proof of residence or rental agreement/registration in Germany.

  • Leisure Travel

    From Berlin’s craft brewery scene to twisting trails in the Black Forest  – Germany has a lot to offer leisure travellers. 

    We can help with your trip. Don’t mess around with airport queues and excess baggage fees. Send your items with us and we’ll have it waiting at your hotel, ready for your arrival. 

    If you are travelling to Germany for a holiday you will need to provide a copy of your passport and your inbound and outbound flight details.

  • Business Travel

    Low unemployment and thriving business sectors make Germany a popular choice for expats. 

    If your company sends items from the UK to Germany, we can help. Compared to airlines, we let you send more items and at a weight of up to 30kg with no additional fees. 

    Our door-to-door service shipping UK to Germany means that you can focus on your job while we do ours. Let Sherpr take care of getting your shipment to your destination.