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Simple shipping from UK to Cyprus

Shipping luggage to Cyprus | Sherpr

Shipping luggage to Cyprus

We offer a cost-effective solution for shipping luggage to Cyprus from the UK, so you can travel hassle-free. Say goodbye to excess baggage fees and strict regulations with Sherpr’s seamless transit options. Enjoy the convenience of integrated shipping, with a generous weight allowance of up to 30kg for luggage shipping from the UK to Cyprus and back again.

Send package to Cyprus | Sherpr

Send parcels to Cyprus

Shipping parcels from the UK, whether you’re sending large parcels, gifts, or boxes is made easy with Sherpr. Our reliable courier partnerships ensure that they will be delivered securely and on time. Our booking platform and exceptional customer service have earned excellent ratings. Benefit from swift and reliable box and package delivery, while also tracking your shipment’s progress online as it makes its way from the UK to Cyprus.

Ship to Cyprus from UK in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Get an online quote and book Sherpr's budget-friendly service to ship to Cyprus. Complete essential customs forms via your Sherpr account.

  2. Pack

    Package up your belongings and affix the label which you can print at home or receive through the post from us.

  3. Track

    Our trusted courier partners will pick up directly from your home address. Stay updated through our user-friendly tracking service.

  4. Delivered

    Focus on your journey, stay confident that your items are in our capable hands. Say goodbye to the hassles of airport queues and unexpected fees.

We make shipping easy for…

  • Relocation

    Cyprus sits to the south of Turkey and southeast of Greece, with miles of sandy beaches and a Mediterranean climate that attracts plenty of expats. Despite being a small island, there are thriving, culture-focussed cities and plenty of coastal outposts. 

    If you’re moving to Cyprus for work, or to be closer to your family then you will need to provide us with some key documents. You will need to provide a copy of your passport and your flight details and proof of new residency in your final location.

  • Students

    Ease the burden of international shipping on your academic journey to Cyprus. Sherpr offers a student-focused service to simplify your experience and send boxes to Uni with our door-to-door solution. Our charges for shipping to Cyprus from UK are lower than standard courier fees. Take advantage of this to allocate extra funds towards your social life in Cyprus.

  • Leisure Travel

    Cyprus has hot summer and mild winters, which means leisure travellers can enjoy it’s show-off scenery all year round. With it’s sun bleached castle and Roman artifacts, Limassol is the country’s tourism hotspot. Whether you plan to spend your days on sculpture trails or swimming in hidden coves, we can help with your trip.

    Avoid airlines excess baggage fees and send your luggage with Sherpr door to door so you don’t have to carry it to and from the airport. Have your items waiting at your hotel ready for your arrival.

  • Business Travel

    If you are travelling to Cyprus for business, have your company send your items ahead of time to save on excess baggage fees at the airport. With Sherpr, you can send more personal items vs airlines at a weight up to 30kg with no additional fees. And if your company ships to Cyprus, we can help with that too.

Ship to Cyprus | Sherpr

UK to Cyprus shipping information


  • Know the rules

    For a seamless experience when you’re shipping from UK to Cyprus, we recommend visiting the official channels of Cyprus’s regulatory and customs agencies to familiarise yourself with the rules and regulations. Comprehensive knowledge can help facilitate the process.

  • Shipping restrictions

    Gain a comprehensive understanding of shipping restrictions because certain items may be subject to import taxes, restrictions, or duties. We advise visiting the Cyprus Customs authorities website to gain insights into permissible and restricted items.

  • Packaging your items

    Ensure the safety of your belongings by placing them in either a hard or soft suitcase, with all straps tucked in, taped down, or removed. When it comes to boxes, consider wrapping individual fragile items with bubble wrap or other type of cushioning.

  • Paperwork to ship to Cyprus

    International shipping to anywhere in the world requires the completion of a customs form and shipping from UK to Cyprus is no different. Sherpr simplifies the entire process, with our user-friendly platform helping to complete the necessary documentation.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Protect your belongings with Sherpr’s comprehensive insurance coverage. We provide free insurance coverage of £100, extendable up to £3000.

  • Cheapest UK shipping to Cyprus

    Choose our Economy shipping service for the cheapest way to ship to Cyprus. Starting at only £67.00 for 20kgs and £81.00 for 30kgs, our rates are 85% lower rates compared to standard courier services. We promise a stress-free shipping experience, ensuring the safe delivery of your items within 5 to 6 working days.

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3 reasons for for shipping with Sherpr

1. Hassle-free travel

Embark on your journey to Cyprus with ease when you use Sherpr’s seamless UK to Cyprus shipping service. Leave behind worries about the costs of transporting outdoor hiking, skiing, or surfing equipment, with our reliable shipping service.

2. Simple and affordable

Ease the burden of excess baggage charges and alleviate concerns about losing your luggage in transit. Opt for Sherpr’s convenient door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service, a budget-friendly solution for shipping from UK to Cyprus.

3. Flexible and versatile

For those thinking about moving to Cyprus and worried about the costs of international removals, we are here to assist. We also extend our services to students, specialising in providing shipment solutions to and from universities in Cyprus. We ensure an easy transition between the UK and Cyprus. Our personalised service is tailored to meet your relocation needs.

Shipping to Cyprus | Limassol | Sherpr


Limassol is well known for its blend of natural scenery and urban conveniences.

When to visit: The best time to plan your trip is during the autumn and spring seasons, from March to May.

Getting around: Limassol boasts a convenient network of transportation, including buses, trains, and taxis, making it easy to explore its diverse attractions.

Neighbourhoods to know: Discover the vibrant neighbourhoods of Limassol, visit through lively markets, and soak up the lively atmosphere of this dynamic coastal city.

Things to do: Immerse yourself in Limassol’s rich cultural heritage by visiting the Limassol Municipal Art Gallery. Don’t miss the chance to ascend the iconic Limassol Marina Observation Tower for stunning panoramic views of the city.

Ship from UK to Cyprus | Nicosia | Sherpr


Nicosia is renowned for its urban sophistication and stunning natural landscapes.

When to visit: The optimal time to plan your trip is during the spring and autumn seasons, from March to May.

Getting around: Nicosia offers a convenient transportation network, including rental cars, buses, and taxis, ensuring easy access to its various attractions.

Neighbourhoods to know: Wander around the vibrant neighbourhoods of Nicosia, roam around the busy marketplaces, and delve into the lively atmosphere of Nicosia.

Things to do: Discover Nicosia’s rich cultural heritage by visiting the Cyprus Museum. Be sure to ascend the iconic Shacolas Tower for breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

Shipping from UK to Cyprus | Larnaca | Sherpr


Larnaca exudes urban charm and boasts captivating natural beauty.

When to visit: For an ideal trip, consider planning your visit during the enchanting spring and autumn seasons, spanning from March to May.

Getting around: Navigate Larnaca effortlessly with its accessible transportation network, featuring taxis, buses, taxis, and rental options, facilitating seamless exploration of its diverse attractions.

Neighbourhoods to know: Uncover the charm of Larnaca’s distinct neighbourhoods, meander through vibrant markets, and immerse yourself in the bustling ambiance of this coastal city.

Things to do: Take delight in Larnaca’s cultural tapestry by exploring the Larnaca Fort. Take in panoramic vistas of the city by ascending the iconic Larnaca Salt Lake Observation Tower.

Ship UK to Cyprus | Paphos | Sherpr


Paphos epitomises urban sophistication intertwined with breathtaking natural vistas.

When to visit: March to May is the optimal travel time coinciding with the enchanting spring and autumn seasons.

Getting around: Discover Paphos seamlessly through its well-connected transportation network, encompassing taxis, buses, and rental services, ensuring easy access to its myriad attractions.

Neighbourhoods to know: Unveil the charm of Paphos’ diverse neighbourhoods, explore the vibrant markets, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of this lively city.

Things to do: Witness the rich heritage of Paphos by delving into the Archaeological Park. Capture panoramic views of the city by ascending the iconic Paphos Castle Observation Tower.

Frequently asked questions

Shipping rates start at £67.00 for 20kg and £81.00 for 30kg with Sherpr’s Economy delivery service. We also offer an Express shipping option that costs £159.00 for 20kg and £204.00 for 30kg and takes just 3-4 working days to arrive.

Send your parcels within 5 – 6 working days through Sherpr’s budget-friendly Economy shipping option. Additionally, you can also opt for the Express option that ensures shipping within 3 to 4 working days.

To send parcels to Cyprus, get an online quote through our website based on the weight of your shipment and preferred delivery speed. Complete the relevant customs form via your Sherpr account after booking, pack up your items and attach the labels that we provide. Our courier partners collect direct from you and deliver to your chosen destination in Cyprus.

Sherpr’s Economy option ensures secure shipping from UK to Cyprus starting at just £67.00 for 20kg and £81.00 for 30kg boxes and luggage items. That represents an impressive 85% savings compared to standard courier rates. This option guarantees reliable and safe delivery within 5 to 6 working days.