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Stress-free shipping to UK from USA

Luggage Shipping from US to UK | Sherpr


Let Sherpr take care of the heavy lifting when you travel by shipping your luggage from home in the States to the UK without a hitch. Whether you’re dreaming of a vacation across the pond or considering a house move, we’ve got you covered. Send luggage abroad with Sherpr’s service shipping from America to UK, and say hello to a stress-free travel experience. We offer a competitive flat rate to ship from US to UK for luggage weighing up to 30kg, and the cheapest way to ship from USA to UK. It’s a win-win for your journey, from takeoff to touchdown!

Box & Parcel Shipping From US to UK | Sherpr

Parcels & boxes

Enjoy seamless and reliable box shipping from America to UK with Sherpr’s trusted platform. Whether you’re sending parcels, gifts, or personal belongings, we’ve got you covered. Our efficient solutions to ship from US to UK ensure your packages reach their destination safely and on time. With competitive rates and easy booking, we make international shipping to more than 200 destinations hassle-free. Our network of carriers and shipping partners ensures a smooth transit process, and our tracking tools keep you informed every step of the way. Trust Sherpr for your parcel and box shipping needs and experience the convenience and peace of mind that come with our dedicated service.

Student Shipping to UK from USA | Sherpr

Student shipping from America to UK

Starting out on your college journey is exciting, but if you’re studying abroad it can be a daunting task. Sherpr helps to take the pressure off with our student shipping service to send your luggage and belongings door-to-door from home in the US to your new dorm in the UK. Our tailored solution prioritizes your needs, offering affordability and reliability. We understand the importance of a smooth transition and ensure the safe and punctual arrival of your items when you ship from US to UK. Benefit from competitive rates, effortless booking, and exceptional customer support. Explore our easy way to ship from USA to UK and enjoy a worry-free start to your new college life.

Relocations Shipping from USA to UK | Sherpr

Relocation shipping to UK

Planning a move to the UK? Our international removals shipping service is tailored to streamline your move. We recognize the complexities of moving overseas and are committed to delivering a seamless solution. We specialize in US to UK shipping and our dedicated team guarantees the safe arrival of your possessions, offering you peace of mind during this significant life change. Sherpr boasts budget-friendly rates and helpful customer support to alleviate the stress associated with relocating. When entrusting us to handle your shipping from America to the UK, your items are treated with the care they deserve. Rely on Sherpr for a smooth and stress-free relocation experience and let us ship from US to UK for you.

Just 4 simple steps to ship from US

  1. Book

    Get an online quote in an instant, then book to ship from USA to UK. Fill in the relevant customs forms through your Sherpr account with our easy-to-use site.

  2. Pack

    Securely pack your items in a suitable box or suitcase and attach the label that you can choose to print yourself or receive through the post from us.

  3. Track

    Now it’s time to relax! Our courier partners will collect your items from your home address. Keep tabs on your items with our handy tracking service.

  4. Delivered

    You focus on your journey, we’ll get your items to your end destination ready for your arrival. No airport queues, delays, or unexpected fees when you ship from USA to UK with Sherpr.

Luggage Shipping | Sherpr

“Relocated our home to Jersey and used Sherpr for the first time. Team were very responsive and made the whole process so much easier”

Christian, Jersey Christian, Jersey

Why choose Sherpr to ship from US to UK?

  • Affordable

    Low shipping costs from US to UK: Choose Sherpr for the cheapest shipping from USA to UK, ensuring affordability without compromising quality. In fact, shipping from America to UK with Sherpr costs a huge 85% less than the household name carriers.

  • Convenient

    Hassle-free booking process: Sherpr simplifies the process with an easy-to-use booking process. And we keep costs and the shipping time to a minimum to ensure an affordable and hassle-free experience.

  • Dedicated Support

    Help when you need it: Our dedicated customer service team are always on hand to assist you along the way as and when you need. Ensure a seamless experience shipping your boxes, luggage and belongings to UK with Sherpr.

  • Fast Delivery

    Express shipping from America to UK: Experience fast and efficient delivery of your luggage, parcels and belongings with our express shipping service. We make sure that your items reach their final destination quickly, safely and securely.

  • Safety & Tracking

    Track your shipment: Stay up-to-date with where your shipment is with our online tracking tools. You can keep tabs on the journey of your shipping by tracking it in real-time every step of the way. 

  • Peace of mind

    Stress-free travel: With the peace of mind of knowing that Sherpr is handling your belongings and safely shipping to UK, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the journey.

Cheapest Shipping From USA to UK | Sherpr

Information about shipping to UK from USA

When it comes to shipping from US to UK, as you’d expect there are international regulations and logistics that need to be considered. It’s important to be informed before you start the process. Here are some things to think about before booking your shipment to the UK. 

  • Know the rules

    Familiarise yourself with the UK’s import and customs clearance procedures to ensure compliance and avoid any unnecessary delays or fines.

  • UK to US shipping restrictions

    Some items may be subject to import restrictions, taxes, or duties so check the U.K. Government website for what’s allowed when shipping from US to UK.

  • Packaging your items

    Properly package your items to prevent damage during transit. Use sturdy boxes, padding, and secure wrapping to protect fragile or valuable items.

  • Paperwork to ship to USA

    Shipping to UK from USA includes filling in various customs documents. With Sherpr, our easy-to-use system will guide you through completing this online.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Protect your shipment during transit with insurance. When you’re shipping from USA to UK we include $100 insurance cover and up to $3000 if needed.

  • Cheapest shipping from US to UK

    Save on excess baggage fees with Sherpr and enjoy affordable shipping from USA to UK without compromising on quality, reliability or timely delivery.

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3 reasons to ship from USA to UK

1. Hassle-free travel

Whether you’re heading to the UK on business or for personal reasons, shipping from US to UK is a task made easy with Sherpr. If you’re heading there for sporting activities, extra baggage is a given. And if you’re planning to make the most of the excellent climbing, biking and hiking opportunities in the UK, when it comes to luggage shipping, you can hit a lot of problems. Large and bulky equipment can be hard to transport when you’re flying commercially. With Sherpr, when you ship from US to UK we streamline the process, saving you stress and money.

2. Easy and cheap

Whatever type of UK vacation you’re planning, from a walking adventure in Scotland, a city getaway in London or a relaxing holiday in the great British countryside, Sherpr can help. No more stress around excess baggage fees or losing your luggage in transit to the UK – our comprehensive USA to UK shipping service takes care of it all. We offer a convenient, door-to-door luggage collection and delivery service, making your trip more relaxing and free. Plus we offer the the cheapest shipping from USA to UK. Ship your luggage to the UK and back, or just the return journey – ideal if you love shopping for souvenirs!

3. Flexible and versatile

We’re also here to help if you’re planning a relocation and need help with removals and home shipping. From helping students transport their stuff to and from college and clearing out their dorm rooms to moving families across the pond, our USA to UK shipping service helps to ease the journey.

And beyond luggage shipping to the UK, Sherpr enables you to send parcels too. Whether you want to send a gift to a friend, a care package to children studying in the UK,  or something else, shipping US to UK has never been easier with Sherpr. We ship luggage, boxes and more to and from over 200 other destinations across the world.

US to UK shipping restrictions

When you’re shipping from US to UK, to be sure of a seamless experience it’s critical to understand what you can and cannot include in your shipment. Most items are permitted, but there are some items that you can’t include when shipping to the United Kingdom from the States, or anywhere else internationally. Illegal drugs, counterfeit goods, and pirated materials are obviously not allowed in your shipment. Firearms and ammunition come with stringent regulations. Flammable materials are also not permitted, and permits are required for shipping live animals, biological specimens, or cultural artefacts. Money, batteries, perfume, tobacco and perishable foods are also restricted by customs and quarantine rules. Make sure that you check the full list of prohibited items before shipping to the UK from the States.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the cheapest shipping from USA to UK, choose Sherpr’s economy option. It takes just 4-5 working days from pick-up in the States to delivery in the UK.

Box and luggage shipping from the USA to the UK is $139 for 20kg and $207 for 30kg, taking 4-5 working days.

When you’re shipping from US to UK, the standard time from collection to delivery is 4-5 working days. Sherpr’s shipping time from US to UK is one of the fastest for box and luggage shipping to UK from USA.

Other ways to ship

  • Air Freight Shipping from America

    Air freight shipping can be an efficient choice when you need to send goods from the United States.  It’s especially ideal for larger items such as furniture, if you’re relocating to a new country for example. Generally, air freight ensures swift delivery within one to two days, far quicker than sea freight. However, although US to UK shipping by air is generally faster, it’s also more expensive than shipping by ocean. The mode you choose will depend on the size and weight of your shipment, and how quickly you need it to arrive at destination.</p>

    If you do decide to go with air freight, your items are likely to land at major airports. London airports, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted are all popular choices. For shipping to UK via air freight, you’ll need an agent to help manage customs clearance for you. And you’ll also need to arrange for your items to be transported to and from the airport.

    Overall, air freight shipping to the UK offers speed and convenience, suitable if swift delivery is a priority, albeit a more expensive option.


  • Sea Freight and Container Shipping to UK

    If you don’t need your belongings quickly, then sea freight shipping to UK from USA is a good option. Sea freight usually means shipping items in large containers on board a cargo ship. This makes it a robust and cost-effective method for transporting goods across long distances.

    Whether you’re relocating, shipping commercial cargo or personal belongings, shipping your belongings by sea is versatile and reliable. And while sea shipping might take longer than air freight, it is often more budget-friendly. For the cheapest shipping from USA to UK, sea freight and container shipping is an ideal choice for those with flexibility in delivery timelines.

    One of the advantages, when you’re shipping by sea, is how much you can ship. From furniture to cars and industrial equipment, sea freight means you can transport large quantities and sizes of cargo. Goods are shipped out from major US ports like Los Angeles, New York, and Long Beach. Departing shipments must be assembled at a seaport for export.

    Once cleared by customs to depart, it takes 2-3 weeks for a ship to reach its destination port. All cargo must then be assessed by customs agents, and then be transported from a warehouse. All in all, shipping by sea freight can take 6-7 weeks to reach the destination warehouse in the UK. 

Luggage Shipping | Sherpr

“Sent 8x suitcases for a family trip in November. All items got there with no problem and a very happy family”

John, London John, London