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Japan luggage delivery to UK | Sherpr

Luggage shipping

Send luggage from Japan to the UK with Sherpr and forget about the hassles of carrying your belongings through the airport. No more rigid airline restrictions and exorbitant baggage fees—rely on Sherpr for seamless Japan to UK shipping. Take advantage of our flat-rate shipping costs to Europe for up to 30kg of luggage.

Shipping to UK from Japan | Sherpr

Box and parcel shipping

Sherpr’s user-friendly platform makes sending parcels, gifts, or boxes hassle-free. Our website ensures a straightforward experience while keeping costs to a minimum. Our top-rated customer service and easy booking process ensure cheapest way to ship from Japan to UK that is 85% less than leading couriers.

Ship from Japan to UK in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Book your shipment from Japan to UK by booking and complete the customs forms through your Sherpr account.

  2. Pack

    Pack your items securely and affix the labels that we provide – whether self-printed or delivered to your doorstep via post.

  3. Track

    Our trusted courier partners will pick-up your items directly from your home address. Stay informed with our convenient tracking service.

  4. Delivered

    We'll ensure that your items reach your final destination safely, securely and on time – no airport queues, delays, or unexpected fees.

We ship from Japan to UK for…

  • Relocation

    The UK is home to many vibrant urban cities, postcard-perfect countryside, and vast coastlines to explore. But shipping costs can make a move from Japan to the UK off-putting. That’s where we can help—get an instant quote and ensure a seamless transition to your new destination.

  • Students

    If you’re planning on studying in the UK, don’t let the prospect of shipping your belongings worry you. Sherpr’s door-to-door student shipping service from Japan to the UK is priced competitively, allowing you to allocate more money to towards your social life once you arrive at University.

  • Leisure Travel

    Enjoy a holiday escape to the UK and say farewell to airport hassles and excess baggage fees by letting Sherpr to handle luggage shipping from Japan. Rest assured, our luggage shipping service ensures your belongings arrive at your destination, ready for your adventure.

  • Business Travel

    If you’re travelling for business, why not have your company send your belongings ahead to avoid excess baggage fees at the airport? Sherpr offers the advantage of shipping a wider range of personal items, each weighing up to 30kg, without extra charges—bypassing airline limitations.

Ship from Japan to UK | Sherpr

Shipping from Japan to UK

Similar to obtaining a visa for entry into the United Kingdom, Japan to UK shipping involves navigating international regulations and logistics. It’s crucial to be well-informed before initiating the shipping process.


  • Know the rules

    Familiarise yourself with the import and customs clearance procedures in the UK to ensure that you follow the guidelines, preventing any unnecessary delays or fines. Being well-versed in these procedures is essential for a smooth and efficient shipping process.


  • Japan to UK shipping restrictions

    It’s crucial to be aware of which specific items fall under import restrictions, taxes, or duties, so make sure you check the UK Customs and Border Protection website for a comprehensive understanding. Staying up to date on local restrictions and guidelines is important to ensuring a shipping experience that is smooth and free of complications.

  • Packaging your items

    Pack your items securely to ensure the safe transit of your items. Secure and sturdy packaging is essential, so use double-walled boxes, generous padding, and secure wrapping to protect fragile or valuable items.


  • Paperwork for UK shipping

    When it comes to international shipping, dealing with various customs documents can be confusing. We make the process easy for you with our user-friendly system, seamlessly walking you through the online completion of the required forms. Customers rate us excellent for ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Safeguard your shipment against loss or damages during transit with our comprehensive insurance options. We offer £100 of complimentary insurance and, for those with more valuable goods, there’s the flexibility to add additional coverage, providing you with a secure and worry-free shipping experience.

  • Cheapest shipping rates

    Enjoy affordable shipping to the UK from Japan for 85% less than standard couriers without compromising on quality, reliability, or timely delivery. If you’re looking for budget-friendly shipping to the UK, Sherpr presents an ideal solution without cutting corners on the essential aspects of the shipping process.

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3 reasons for shipping with Sherpr

1. Hassle-free travel

Planning a journey to the United Kingdom? Whether for business, exploration, or personal reasons, Sherpr has simplified the shipping process from Japan to the UK. If you’re planning on making the most of the outdoor activities on offer in the UK like hiking, cycling, or exploring scenic landscapes, you may need extra luggage. Managing bulky equipment during commercial flights can be challenging, but Sherpr makes it easy. This ensures a smooth and convenient experience, saving you from unnecessary complications along the way.

2. Easy and cheap

Whether you’re looking for a faraway adventure or a tranquil retreat to the UK, Sherpr has revolutionised how you manage your boxes and bags—making it not only more budget-friendly but also incredibly convenient. Our comprehensive service, from door-to-door pick-up to drop-off, takes care of everything. It’s the smart and economical choice, allowing you to send your luggage for both outbound and return trips or exclusively for the journey back—an ideal solution for enthusiastic shoppers and souvenir collectors!

3. Flexible and versatile

Apart from managing travel-related luggage shipping, we specialise in domestic and international removals. Whether you’re considering moving from Japan to the UK and need assistance or you’re a student preparing for studies in the UK, rely on Sherpr to transport your belongings. Moving abroad and clearing out dorm rooms can be overwhelming, and our service is designed to streamline the journey for you.

Frequently asked questions

Sherpr’s shipping rates from Japan to the UK are £485.00 per 20kg item and £787.00 for 30kg, for luggages and boxes, ensuring delivery within 3-4 working days.

Sherpr’s standard shipping service to the UK from Japan takes 3-4 working days.

To ship luggage and boxes from Japan to the UK, get an online quote and book your shipment. Fill in the online customs form through your Sherpr account and attach the labels provided. Our courier partners will collect from any address of your choice and deliver to your chosen destination in the UK.

Our shipping service from Japan to the UK costs £485.00 for 20kg and £727.00 for 30kg and ensures delivery within 3-4 working days.