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Ultimate List of Jobs That Will Allow You To Move Abroad From The UK

Working remotely has had a boost in popularity following Covid. Not having to be based in the office five days a week saw people all over the world transform their spare bedrooms into workspaces and, in some cases, relocate entirely.

Given the rise of working remotely, and how easy and accepted it’s become to work digitally, there’s never been a better time to get a live abroad job.

Yes, finding a job in another country can be challenging and visa applications are a headache, but finding a job that will allow you to move abroad is the biggest piece of the puzzle. 

Once you’ve got that sorted you’ll be able to fund further travel in your chosen country, get accommodation easily, and start meeting new people. 

But what are the jobs that allow you to move abroad? What kind of jobs are easier to obtain in a foreign country?

In this article, we’ll cover the best jobs for moving abroad and working abroad with no previous experience. First, let’s look at why it is better to work abroad than at home… 

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What Are The Benefits of Working Abroad?

Being able to work abroad means you can offset your travel costs and potentially travel for longer, boosting your budget as you go. It’s also a great way to immerse yourself fully in a country. 

You’ll be able to learn much more about a country living and working there alongside locals than you would on a whirlwind, week-long trip. 

Finally, working abroad whilst travelling also bodes well for future job searches. Candidates with experience working abroad are preferred by employers who value self-starters, ambition, and adaptable workers.

What Jobs Can I Do Abroad?

Teaching English

The big one! 

This is the most common job for US and British citizens to get. English is one of the most desirable second languages to learn, which means there are plenty of opportunities out there. You might’ve thought teaching abroad was for students on gap years, but there’s more to it than that.

Even if your student days are behind you, companies are looking for teachers to relocate, and in some cases provide accommodation as well as a salary. The best jobs go to those with degrees or previous experience. 

Having said that, this is one of the jobs that allows you to move abroad with little to no experience. Instead, some places will simply ask you to take an English language test to prove you’re proficient. 

Ski Resorts

This is one of the best jobs to move abroad for. Ski resorts really are a bit of a golden ticket if you’re looking for a fun and lucrative way to move from the UK. 

Resorts are always hiring at the beginning of the ski season. There are lots of roles to fill, from restaurant servers to snowboarding instructors, and lift operators to chalet hosts. 

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Most are well paid and you’ll have a readymade group of other seasonal workers to socialise with. Better yet, these positions come with accommodation too. 

There’s the added bonus for sports and outdoor enthusiasts of being right by the slopes and often getting subsidised sessions. 


Thankfully life on a superyacht is much less dramatic than an episode of Below Deck, in fact, these are some of the best jobs that allow you to move abroad. 

Now, these roles are much more exclusive and hard to come by but you don’t need any prior experience. Instead, you’ll be asked to complete an STCW 95 and ENG1 – a week-long basic safety training course and health exam respectively. 

The rest of the training will take place aboard the yacht. The types of roles that are being advertised are usually steward/ess and deckhand. 

House/Pet Sitting

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a paid role, these kinds of jobs are more about having somewhere to stay so you don’t need to pay for accommodation. They usually span from a matter of weeks to months. 

Some websites will suggest swapping apartments with people in other countries, but these don’t come up too often. 

Whilst a bit of a niche option for working abroad, this can be a good low-maintenance approach to getting your bearings and a foothold in the country you’re travelling to before looking for something more permanent further down the line. 

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Au Pair

If pets aren’t your thing, swap walking a golden retriever for trips to the park with a toddler. Qualified nannies and au pairs are highly sought after abroad. Try and look for live-in roles to tick off accommodation as well. 

As an au pair, your responsibilities would be based on the needs of the family and could involve school pick up and drop-offs, cooking, cleaning, and assisting with homework. Other perks include being involved in family days out which could mean trips abroad. 

If you’re looking for the best jobs to move from the UK to the USA, consider working as an au pair. There’s no language barrier and culturally the two countries are relatively similar. 

Also, when it comes to qualifications, US hirers will be able to easily decipher how your experience translates for their systems and match you to families accordingly. 


Volunteering is another really popular way to work abroad. Whilst you won’t necessarily get paid, you will get accommodation provided and in some cases food costs covered. The nice thing about volunteering is that there are a variety of fields to get involved in. 

From building wells and schools to helping deliver medical care, you can choose your interest and look for volunteer work related to it. There are particularly exciting opportunities in wildlife conservation too which can mean a combination of beautiful destinations and travel opportunities as well as rewarding work.  

Other Options for Jobs Abroad

As well as all the specific options we’ve spoken about above, if you’re flexible about what you do there are even more jobs that allow you to move abroad. 

Digital Nomads

Technically you should be able to do any role that allows you to work remotely abroad. Just make sure you have a strong WiFi connection in your chosen destination and that the time difference means it’s feasible for you to be online when your company needs you to be. 

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Some examples of roles that are well suited to the digital nomad life include social media marketers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, and copywriters.   

One-Year Working Visas

Australia provides one-year working visas. There are a specific set of jobs that are up for grabs and whilst they require no experience they do tend to be physically demanding. These options are for those under 30 and include farm work and bartenders. Plus our international removals service for shipping to Australia from UK makes the move easy.

If Australia doesn’t tickle your fancy, look into World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF). They offer similar volunteer work, planting and picking crops, in return for food and accommodation. 


Internships are very similar to volunteering and a great entry point for working abroad. Not only do they look attractive on a resume, but they will help you to expand your network overseas. 

Unlike volunteering, internships tend to be seen as more corporate or office-based. If this suits you or your career path better, choose this over volunteering.  

Skilled Professions

It takes a little more legwork but it’s worth looking into industry shortages in the country you’re planning on moving to. 

For instance, you might find that they are desperately hiring electricians or doctors. If so, you could command a higher salary if you are trained in these desirable roles. It could also help you choose which country to travel to. 

Job Secured? Ship Your Items and Begin Your Journey

So you’ve decided on the job you want and are now looking to move abroad. Next comes packing and relocating. 

After going through the effort of sorting out employment, you’ll want to make the relocation process as streamlined as possible. Which means avoiding huge queues at baggage reclaim and lost luggage. For companies moving jobs overseas or individuals looking to move, our service to send luggage abroad is the best option. 

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