What we deliver

What we deliver

Send luggage or ship boxes, door to door, to over 200+ countries worldwide

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  • Luggage


    Up to 66lbs

    We can send luggage weighing up to 66lbs door-to-door. Making that family trip, weekend away, or big move a whole lot easier

  • Boxes


    Up to 66lbs

    Relocating? Moving in or out of university accommodation? Keep things hassle-free with our door-to-door box sending service

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  • Weight

    We take items that weigh up to 66lbs. For a detailed breakdown of luggage and box dimensions have a look at our How it Works page.

  • Insurance

    We’ve got you covered. When you ship with us you can protect your items with insurance cover up to $1000. Don’t need insurance? We cover up to $100 per shipment for free.

  • Items we do and do not take

    Check out our Prohibited Items List. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch at [email protected].

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No-hassle travel at your fingertips

Door to door shipping of your bags

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