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Cheapest Way To Ship Luggage Domestically In USA | Sherpr

Luggage shipping from state to state

Thinking about vacation or planning an interstate business meeting? You need a domestic shipping company like Sherpr! Let us take care of the heavy lifting so you can start and end your journey with ease. Whether you’re dreaming of heading to the coast for spring break or planning a weekend city break, we can help.

We offer the cheapest way to ship luggage domestically in USA that is 85% less than name-brand international shipping companies. Whether we ship luggage internationally or we’re shipping items to another state we provide a competitive flat rate shipping cost for luggage weighing up to 30kg.

Ship Boxes To Another State | Sherpr

Ship boxes to another state

Wondering how to ship your belongings to another state? Or perhaps you’re considering sending a gift or parcel to friends, family or you need to ship boxes to another state for business needs? Sherpr is the domestic shipping company you can rely on. Enjoy seamless and reliable parcel and box shipping with Sherpr’s trusted platform.

From parcels and gifts, to personal belongings, we’ve got you covered with low and flat rate shipping costs. And be sure that your packages reach their destination safely and on time with our handy tracking tools. Shipping items to another state is easier and cheaper with Sherpr.

Student Shipping From State To State | Sherpr

Student shipping

Embarking on your college journey is a thrilling experience, especially if you’re planning to study in a new state. If you’re wondering how to ship your belongings to another state, we will handle it for you without straining your budget. Unlike traditional domestic shipping companies, we offer one of the cheapest way to ship luggage domestically in USA.

Our flat-rate charges prioritize affordability and reliability. Let us take care of shipping from home to your new dormitory and back again at the end of the semester. Explore our dedicated student shipping page for more information.

How To Ship Your Belongings To Another State | Sherpr

Domestic shipping for relocation

Whether you’re moving for work or near to family, considering how to ship your belongings to another state will be one of your core priorities. Our door-to-door service is the cheapest way to ship luggage domestically in USA and an ideal way to ship luggage ahead to any destination.

And when you want to ship boxes to another state, we’re committed to delivering a seamless solution. We understand first hand how complex it can be to ship boxes to another state. Our dedicated team specialize in domestic shipping and will support you through the process and the safe arrival of your possessions.

How to ship your belongings to another state?

  1. Book

    Get an instant quote for any route then book your items in with our easy to use site.

  2. Pack

    Pack your items in a suitcase or box and attach the labels that we provide.

  3. Track

    A courier will pick up directly from you. Then, track your items each step of the way.

  4. Delivered

    Now relax and focus on your journey, and we’ll get your items to your final destination.

Domestic Shipping Companies | Sherpr

We'll take care of your needs

Enjoy easy shipping with Sherpr, the cheapest way to ship luggage domestically in USA.

  • Simple domestic shipping

    Forget the hassle and stress of airports and airlines, mishandled goods, excess baggage fees and expensive shipping costs. Sherpr’s specialized service means you can send items within the USA hands-free and avoid excess baggage queues.

  • Affordable domestic rates

    Get up to 85% discount on shipping rates with Sherpr versus direct with a baggage courier. Unlike airlines, we provide you with a flat rate for domestic luggage shipping with no additional or hidden charges, so you’re informed on all your domestic luggage shipping costs.

  • Secure shipping service

    Our service includes being able to track your items every step of the way. Plus, every shipment you send with us comes with $100 free insurance cover with the option to purchase additional cover of up to $5,000.

  • Shipping for all occasions

    Our domestic luggage service is ideal for shipping your belongings to any state within the USA. And we also ship luggage internationally too! Whether traveling for vacation, college or relocating, trust Sherpr’s door-to-door service.

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