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Moving Back Home with Parents After Uni: Good or Bad Idea? 

Finishing university means starting a new chapter. But how do you decide whether to find somewhere to live – be it with friends, a partner, or going it solo – or move back home? 

Swapping your uni halls for the blue-tacked posters of your childhood bedroom might seem like the worst idea for a graduate who is fresh from parties but it can be a savvy move. 

In this article, we’ll talk you through the good, the bad, and the ugly of moving back home after uni with parents, and some tips for easing the transition if you do decide on moving home after graduation. 

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Home Sweet Home 

You’ve just finished university and suddenly you can choose to live wherever you want and pursue a career of your choosing. For some, this is incredibly freeing and exciting, but others may need a stop-gap to take a second and do some planning. 

The last few weeks of university are a rush of graduation ceremonies, parties, and goodbyes. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed by the experience and opt to move home after college. The same way you prepare mentally for uni, you will have to steel yourself to depart.

Moving back home after uni can be a less stressful way of easing yourself into post-uni life. You’ll be surrounded by friends and family you know, and routines you’ve grown up with. 

On the flip side, getting too comfortable could mean you aren’t ambitious enough and could become complacent with your goals. If you’re moving back home after uni for a sense of familiarity, be sure to keep striving forward and making plans for the future. 

Financial Worries

One of the biggest reasons students are moving back home after uni is to alleviate financial pressures. In desirable city locations where there are plenty of jobs, the cost of living and rental prices are often high. 

Add to that, that most graduate jobs start on a relatively low base salary, and moving out just isn’t viable for some. 

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Moving back home after college may mean living rent-free and the chance to save, or you may be able to pay a largely reduced rent. You’ll also be able to forgo utility bills or split them with the current household. 


Before deciding whether to move back home or go it alone – think about how it will affect your relationships with your parents or siblings. 

For some, this is a positive move, now that you’re an adult relationships may improve and be on a more even keel. You’ll bag some extra quality time with your family and positively improve relations. 

For others, relationships could be put under strain by moving back in. The loss of privacy and freedom can make things fractious. Certain rules that kept you safe may now feel intrusive and condescending. Check out our tips below for more on how to manage this. 

Tips to Ease the Transition of Moving Back Home After Uni

If you do decide that moving back home after uni is the right thing for you, employ these moving home tips for a smooth transition.

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Act like an adult

Act like a more mature adult on a similar level to your parents. If you revert back to being childlike – leaving dirty dishes and laundry around – it’ll be hard for them to treat you any differently. 

Get a job

Getting a job is another good idea. It’ll help you to start saving money and bolster your CV, but it also shows you aren’t just returning home for handouts and an easy life! Whilst your family may not want you to pay rent, being able to pay for the odd meal out or contributing to bills will be a welcome addition. 

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Respect the rules

Whilst you are an adult and there may be some teething problems as everyone comes to terms with the new dynamic, be aware that you are also a guest returning home and should respect the rules that have been put in place. 

Give each other space

Make social plans of your own and remember that your parents or family will also be sacrificing the privacy they had when you were at university. Give them opportunities to have time for themselves. The more space that everybody has, the more harmonious your time together will be. 


Finally, a fun one! Redecorate your room after moving back home with parents and make it a space to suit the person you are today rather than the teenager who left. This will signal to yourself and others that things have changed and you should be treated accordingly. It’ll also help you to feel like this is a positive next step forward, rather than a step backward. 

Maintain friendships

It can be easy to let uni friendships slide once you’re back home with your old group of friends, but make sure you keep in touch and arrange to meet up. This will help you with any post-graduation blues. It’ll also help to chat with others who are in a similar situation and going through the same transition period that you are. They might be able to offer their own useful tips or advice. 

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Set boundaries

In general, sitting down and having a conversation about boundaries is a good idea when you first move back in. Discuss what is expected of you financially, how you plan to help around the home, and what you would like from them in terms of privacy and freedom. No written contracts or formal agreements are needed, but having a frank discussion and getting some clarity about what everyone expects is a great way to start. 

How do I move back home after uni?

Having spent three years or more accumulating furnishings and clothes at your uni accommodation, the logistics of moving back home can be tricky. Where you left with a carload of possessions you might be returning with a small van’s worth of stuff! 

A good way to set the tone for your return home would be to manage the shipping side of things without relying on your parents. For a hassle-free option, ship your personal items with Sherpr. 

All you’ll need to do is pack. Your things will be picked up at a pre-agreed time and dropped off at your destination, you can even track your items in transit. And it’s cheaper than you’d think! Get a quote online to kick the process off.