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Best Cities to Live After College Graduation in 2022 

At the end of your final semester, once the graduation parties have happened, the ceremonies have ended and you’ve thrown your hats in the air for that obligatory photo op… what comes next? 

Your options for places to move after college or university are vast. Which can make the decision challenging. When you aren’t limited to a particular country where do you even begin with moving after graduation? 

We’ve put together a foolproof list of the best places to move after college, what you should consider when weighing up locations, and how to ship your items once you’ve selected a destination.

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What should I be looking for in a city after my graduation? 

What makes a city the best place to move after college? We’ve got a tick list for you to consider for each destination on your wishlist. Refer back to this list for every city that you consider relocating to. 

The basics

First up, consider the price of rent in your chosen destination, the average income for young adults, unemployment rates, and what the social scene is like. 

Moving country

Those are the basic things you can use to compare each city. Then you can get more specific. 

If you’re moving to another country after college, take a deeper dive into things like the healthcare setup. How much will it cost to get insured? How good are the facilities? You’ll also want to check out crime stats, public transport, and local amenities. 

Quality of life

The final thing to think about is your hobbies. In order to choose the right city for you, you need to make sure the things that are important to you are reflected in these destinations. 

For instance, if you’re obsessed with music you’ll want to choose a city that has regular gigs and a good helping of live music venues. Keen cyclist? Look into the city’s cycling infrastructure and biking trails. 

America’s Best Graduate Cities

Undoubtedly one of the best countries to move to after college, America is a sprawling treasure trove of natural landscapes, exciting cities, and cultural hotspots. 

You might be surprised to learn that lakeside and mountainous US destinations are up there this year amongst the classic heavy-hitters of New York and Chicago. It seems that the class of 2022 is looking to places like Minneapolis and Denver to relocate to. 


A surprise contender for the best places to move after college, Minneapolis combines a cosmopolitan mix of restaurants and bars, it’s also got low unemployment rates. Cheaper than some of the more obvious choices for American cities to relocate to, Minneapolis is one to consider for budget-conscious students. 

minnesota at night


Seattle is also worth considering. Whilst its rental prices are high it has a young student population and a good median income. It’s popular with 2022 graduates thanks to its leafy forests, huge parklands, and watersports. Plus, the likes of Microsoft and Amazon are based here which makes it something of a tech industry hub. 

San Francisco 

San Francisco also ranks highly for its sunny and inclusive outlook. The quality of life here is high. With a focus on health and social activities. If you’ve got the budget for it, this is a frontrunner for lifestyle-focused graduates. 

New York 

Of course, New York will always make the list. What it lacks in affordability it makes up for with an unrivaled social scene, world-class food, and art galleries or vintage stores tucked around every corner. There are also plenty of job opportunities. 

The UK’s Best Graduate Cities

The UK offers more surprise results for the cities topping the best places to move after college list. 


Bradford has soared to the top spot thanks to its low cost of living and low rental costs. In general, northern cities are looking really appealing for 2022 graduates – they tend to have affordable public transport and low utility bills too. 

Dropping down the list

Places like Brighton, London, and Bath have taken a nose-dive in popularity this year. Whilst they are undeniably social and exciting, the soaring cost of living in these cities has caused their popularity to plummet. If you’re set on moving to one of these cities, secure a job before you move. 

Australia’s Best Graduate City

Melbourne is Australia’s darling and continues to be a popular choice for students. It’s consistently voted one of the best places to move after college or uni.  Like some other options on this list – it isn’t cheap. 

melbourne city views

But it is leading the way with an epic food scene, an outdoor lifestyle that capitalises on the warm climate, and plenty of cultural events. It’s also viewed as a diverse city with an inclusive approach to graduates. 

More importantly… coffee. Melbourne has got Australia’s best cafes, coffee is a way of life here. In terms of housing, there are leafy suburbs with charming traditional houses as well as towering, modern high-rises. 

Areas like Hosier Lane epitomise the Melbourne art scene. Go here for urban murals coating the walls and quotes daubed in large letters.

This colourful destination combines the best bits of city and beach living, plus it’s a great jumping-off point for the likes of New Zealand, Bali, and Singapore.

The World’s Most Liveable Cities for 2022


The World’s Most Liveable City for 2022 is cultural heavyweight Vienna. The Global Liveability Index takes into account living conditions across five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.

Vienna scored a perfect 100 in 4 of those categories.


It was closely followed by Copenhagen. This city is a great choice for sustainably-minded graduates with an interest in design, fashion, and food. 

copenhagen river views


Zurich was similarly high on the list. Perhaps unsurprisingly because this banking and finance hub has an attractive mix of exceptional public facilities as well as outdoor activities on its iconic lake. 


Canada’s Calgary was another exciting addition to the top 5. It narrowly beat fellow Canadian city, Vancouver. This up-and-coming city has a strong sense of community and a staggering amount of music venues, plus a thriving local art scene. 

How to Move After College or Uni? 

So you’ve chosen the perfect city, but there’s just one hitch – how are you going to lug all of your possessions across the country or, potentially, to a whole new country? This can be the stressful and expensive bit that puts graduates off moving. That shouldn’t be the case.

How does it work? 

Whether you’re planning on shipping within the US or internationally, Sherpr can help. Take the hassle out of shipping and avoid the headache of baggage reclaim queues and mishandled goods. 

Instead, get an online quote then simply pack your items in sturdy boxes. Sherpr will collect them for you and transport them to your chosen destination at a pre-agreed time and date. You can even track your items in transit for added peace of mind.

Is it expensive?

The best bit? It’s cheaper than you’d think. Ship your luggage to over 200 destinations, door to door, from as little as £20. Sherpr will even give you a hand with the customs paperwork and give you free cover on your shipment for up to £100.