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Shipping luggage to Sweden | Sherpr

Shipping luggage to Sweden

Embarking on a Nordic adventure? Look no further than Sherpr for a convenient and budget-friendly solution for shipping luggage to Sweden from the USA. Bid farewell to travel-related stress and baggage concerns. Whether you’re jetting off for a holiday or making a permanent move, ditch the hassle of lugging your luggage to and from the airport. Enjoy secure, swift and cheap international shipping service with us. No more stringent airline regulations and exorbitant baggage charges—with Sherpr you can bring all your essentials hassle-free. Plus, benefit from a fixed-rate shipping to Sweden from USA for luggage weighing up to 66lbs per item. Choose Sherpr for a seamless and worry-free travel experience.

Sending a parcel to Sweden | Sherpr

Sending a parcel to Sweden

Sending a parcel to Sweden? Whether it’s a package, gift, or box, we can help. Sherpr’s user-friendly website simplifies the process, ensuring that your shipping costs to Sweden remain as low as possible. Count on Sherpr for the most economical rates, making us your go-to choice for budget-friendly box and parcel shipping from US to Sweden. Our excellent customer service and straightforward booking system have earned high ratings, ensuring a hassle-free shipping experience when sending a parcel to Sweden. Leveraging our extensive network of courier and shipping partners, we guarantee the safe and timely arrival of your packages. Additionally, when you ship to Sweden our online parcel tracking system allows you to monitor your items’ progress every step of the way. Trust Sherpr for reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions from the USA to Sweden.

Ship to Sweden from USA in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Receive a quick quote, then book secure and affordable US shipping to Sweden, and complete the customs documentation effortlessly using your Sherpr account.

  2. Pack

    Safely prepare your belongings in an appropriate box or suitcase, affix the label of your choice—whether self-printed or sent to you by post from us—as you securely set the stage for shipping to Sweden from US.

  3. Track

    Our courier partners will conveniently pick up your items from your home address as part of our seamless US to Sweden shipping service. Stay informed about your shipment's progress through our user-friendly tracking service.

  4. Delivered

    Concentrate on your adventure while we handle all aspect of your shipping from US to Sweden, ensuring your items reach your final destination well-prepared for your arrival. Bypass airport queues, delays, and unforeseen fees with our reliable service.

We make US shipping to Sweden easy for…

  • Relocation

    If you’re thinking about relocating, look no further than Sweden, a destination that offers a perfect mix of vibrant cosmopolitan cities, delectable local cuisine, and vast, unspoiled landscapes with expansive coastlines. With promising career opportunities and a strong emphasis on health and happiness, Sweden stands out. Worried about how much it costs to ship to Sweden from USA? Obtain an immediate quote for our efficient shipping from USA to Sweden, ensuring a smooth and affordable relocation experience.

  • Students

    Ensure a smooth transition for your studies in Sweden by bypassing the hassles of international shipping. Trust our team to manage the logistics with our budget-friendly door-to-door student shipping from US to Sweden. Remarkably, our student shipping costs to Sweden are more affordable than you might anticipate. We provide some of the most budget-friendly rates, allowing you to allocate more funds to enhance your social life once you reach college. Experience a hassle-free way to ship to Sweden with our reliable services.

  • Leisure Travel

    Planning a getaway to Sweden? Make life simple and start the vacation as you mean to go on. Sit back and relax while our specialized service shipping luggage to Sweden takes care of getting your things to your hotel so you can simply enjoy the journey, hands and luggage-free! Get a quick quote online for shipping luggage to Sweden and rely on Sherpr to handle the complexities. Be it personal belongings, gifts, or necessities, ship luggage ahead with Sherpr and we’ll ensure it awaits you at your destination, ready for your arrival.

  • Business

    Whether you’re on a business trip, or you conduct business with Sweden that involves regular shipping. From sending a parcel to Sweden to shipping luggage to Sweden, consider Sherpr to take care of sending your items. Minimize shipping costs to Sweden and avoid excess baggage fees at the airport. Sherpr allows you to send personal items weighing up to 66lbs with no additional fees, offering a cost-effective alternative to airline transportation. Our door-to-door service ensures you can concentrate on your work while we handle the US to Sweden shipping logistics.

US to Sweden shipping | Sherpr

Shipping to Sweden from USA

Similar to the visa application process for entry into the United States, navigating the process of travelling to and shipping from USA to Sweden requires an understanding of  Sweden’s Border Control and customs regulations and logistics.

  • Know the rules

    Get acquainted with the import and customs clearance procedures in Sweden to ensure full compliance and steer clear of any avoidable delays or penalties.

  • US to Sweden shipping restrictions

    When you ship to Sweden from USA, certain items might encounter import restrictions, taxes, or duties. The Swedish Transport Agency provides specific guidelines on what can and cannot be shipped into Sweden. Familiarizing yourself with these resources will ensure compliance with any restrictions and contribute to a seamless process when you ship to Sweden.

  • Packaging your items

    The safety of your belongings is one of the utmost priorities for us. Employ the art of packaging wizardry to ward off potential damage during transit. Use sturdy boxes, generous padding, and secure wrapping to cocoon delicate or valuable items, ensuring they arrive at their destination unscathed and ship to Sweden from USA worry-free.

  • Paperwork to ship to Sweden

    Shipping from US to Sweden will require completion of various customs documents. With Sherpr by your side, our user-friendly system will guide you through the online completion of these essential documents.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Ensure peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance options. When shipping to Sweden from US we offer $100 of complimentary insurance to protect against potential damages during transit. Insurance can be extended by up to $5000.

  • Low cost US to Sweden shipping

    Bypass the burden of excess baggage fees with Sherpr’s low-cost US to Sweden shipping service. Savor the delight of shipping to Sweden from US for 85% cheaper than standard couriers. Enjoy a seamless blend of quality, reliability, and punctual delivery, as Sherpr turns the ordinary into an extraordinary shipping experience.

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3 reasons for shipping with Sherpr

1. Hassle-free travel

Let Sherpr help make your travel experience hassle-free by shipping luggage to Sweden for you. With Sweden’s plethora of outdoor wonders, the necessity for extra baggage often arises, especially if you’re a fan of climbing, hiking, skiing, or surfing. Yet, the conventional challenges of shipping from the USA to Sweden can cast a shadow on your expedition. Sherpr’s USA to Sweden shipping service makes things simple, and solves the logistical puzzles associated with bulky equipment. We ensure quality, reliability, and timely delivery and an easy shipping experience so you can enjoy your vacation or travels, hands and luggage-free.

2. Easy and cheap

If you’re fed up of paying excess baggage fees every time you travel and worry about lost belongings in transit, our US to Sweden shipping service not only eliminates these concerns but also introduces the luxury of door-to-door pick-up and drop-off. With our low cost rates to ship to Sweden from USA, travel and getting items over, becomes both easier and cheaper! Whether you’re sending a parcel to Sweden or shipping your luggage, Sherpr’s service offers ease, affordability, and peace of mind.

3. Flexible and versatile

For those orchestrating a move to Sweden and looking for help with removals and home shipping from US to Sweden, Sherpr is on hand to help. Our comprehensive home and international relocation shipping service extends its support to students navigating the complexities of transporting belongings to and from college in Sweden, particularly at the semester’s end. Here’s where Sherpr’s US to Sweden shipping service steps in to provide a seamless solution, ensuring a smoother journey home. Trust Sherpr for all your shipping needs as we specialize in facilitating a stress-free experience for those in transition.

Shipping from US to Sweden | Sherpr | Stockholm


Nestled across 14 islands on Lake Mälaren’s archipelago, Stockholm stands as the elegant capital of Sweden, seamlessly blending historic charm with modern vibrancy. With its rich cultural tapestry, stunning landscapes, and a progressive spirit, this Nordic gem is a destination that beckons travelers year-round.

When to visit: Choosing the ideal time to explore Stockholm largely depends on your preferences. Summer, spanning from June to August, brings the city to life with long, sun-drenched days and a vibrant outdoor atmosphere. The winter months, from December to February, transform the city into a snowy wonderland, offering a magical experience for those captivated by winter charm. Spring and autumn offer a more tranquil visit, with milder weather and fewer crowds.

How to get around: Stockholm boasts an efficient and well-connected transportation system. The city’s subway, buses, trams, and ferries make it easy to navigate. The Stockholm Card provides unlimited access to public transport, making it a convenient choice for travelers.

Neighbourhoods to know: Explore Stockholm’s diverse neighborhoods, each offering a unique charm. In Gamla Stan, the Old Town, wander through cobblestone streets and marvel at medieval architecture, where the Royal Palace stands proudly amid charming cafes. Södermalm, a trendy district, exudes a bohemian vibe with hip boutiques, eclectic eateries, and panoramic viewpoints. For an upscale experience, Meanwhile, Östermalm beckons with high-end shopping, cultural institutions, and scenic waterfront views.

Things to do: Immerse yourself in Sweden’s maritime legacy at the Vasa Museum, home to the awe-inspiring 17th-century warship Vasa. For music enthusiasts, the ABBA Museum offers an interactive journey through the iconic pop sensation’s history. Enjoy a tranquil escape on Djurgården, a lush island featuring green spaces, open-air museums, and the excitement of Gröna Lund amusement park. Take in the city’s beauty from a unique perspective with a boat tour through the enchanting archipelago, revealing hidden coves and picturesque landscapes.

Ship to Sweden from USA | Sherpr | Malmo


Nestled in the southernmost reaches of Sweden, Malmö is a dynamic and multicultural city that effortlessly blends tradition with modernity. Characterized by its impressive architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and a welcoming atmosphere, Malmö stands as a testament to Sweden’s diversity and innovation.

When to visit: Malmö’s charm is on display throughout the year, offering something for every type of traveler. Summer, from June to August, bathes the city in sunshine, highlighting outdoor events and festivals. The winter months, December to February, transform Malmö into a cozy winter wonderland with festive markets and seasonal activities. Spring and autumn provide a more tranquil experience, with pleasant weather and fewer crowds.

How to get around: Malmö’s compact size makes it easily navigable, and the city provides an efficient public transportation system. Biking is a popular and environmentally friendly way to explore, with the city offering bike lanes and rentals.

Neighborhoods to know: Embark on a historical journey in Malmö’s Old Town (Gamla Staden), where medieval streets, historic buildings, and charming squares invite you to immerse yourself in the city’s rich past. Experience the future in Västra Hamnen, a modern and sustainable neighborhood celebrated for its innovative architecture, scenic waterfront, and the iconic Turning Torso skyscraper. And dive into the eclectic atmosphere of Mollevången, a diverse and bohemian area featuring a lively market square, unique shops, and a delightful mix of international cuisines.

Things to do: Marvel at Santiago Calatrava’s Turning Torso, an iconic twisted skyscraper that commands the city’s skyline. For a tranquil escape, relax by the sea at Ribersborg Beach, a sandy stretch featuring a traditional wooden bathhouse. Immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene at the Malmö Art Museum, where an impressive collection showcases both Scandinavian and international art, offering a diverse cultural experience within the heart of the city.

US shipping to Sweden | Sherpr | Gothenburg


Nestled on the western coast of Sweden, Gothenburg stands as a captivating city that seamlessly intertwines maritime heritage with a modern urban vibe. A bustling cultural hub with a rich history, Gothenburg is renowned for its picturesque canals, green spaces, and a welcoming atmosphere that invites visitors to explore its diverse offerings.

When to visit: Gothenburg enchants visitors year-round with each season offering a unique allure. Summer, from June to August, is a vibrant time with extended daylight hours, ideal for exploring the city’s parks, gardens, and waterfront. Winter, from December to February, transforms Gothenburg into a festive wonderland with Christmas markets and cozy atmospheres. Spring and autumn provide milder temperatures, perfect for leisurely strolls and cultural events.

How to get around: Gothenburg boasts an efficient and accessible public transportation system, including trams, buses, and ferries, making it easy to traverse the city. The central areas are pedestrian-friendly, allowing visitors to explore on foot. For a unique experience, a boat tour along the canals provides a different perspective of Gothenburg.

Neighborhoods to know: Step into the past in Haga, Gothenburg’s oldest neighborhood, where cobblestone streets, wooden houses, and charming cafes transport you to a bygone era. Experience the contemporary vibe of Linné, a lively and trendy area filled with a plethora of restaurants, boutiques, and vibrant street art. Explore the contrasts of Hisingen, the city’s largest island, where industrial charm meets natural beauty, with parks, forests, and scenic waterfront areas to discover. Take a leisurely stroll along Avenyn, Gothenburg’s main boulevard, teeming with shops, restaurants, and cultural venues.

Things to do: Enjoy thrills and entertainment at Liseberg, Scandinavia’s expansive and enduring amusement park, offering a multitude of rides and attractions for an unforgettable experience. Venture out to the Gothenburg Archipelago, a breathtaking collection of islands boasting picturesque landscapes, charming villages, and abundant outdoor activities. Discover Gothenburg’s maritime culture at the Fish Market (Feskekôrka), where fresh seafood delights the senses, providing a true taste of local flavors.

Shipping to Sweden from US | Sherpr | Umea


Situated in the northern reaches of Sweden, Umeå beckons as a vibrant and progressive city characterized by a harmonious blend of cultural richness and natural beauty. Known for its modern architecture, academic prowess, and captivating surroundings, Umeå offers a unique charm that captivates visitors throughout the year.

When to visit: Umeå showcases its diverse beauty across all seasons. Summer, from June to August, invites visitors to bask in the tranquility of the city’s parks and explore the nearby forests and lakes. Winter, from December to February, transforms Umeå into a winter wonderland, with opportunities for winter sports and the chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights. Spring and autumn provide a serene atmosphere with blooming landscapes and colorful foliage.

How to get around: Umeå offers efficient transportation options for navigating the city and its surroundings. Buses and bicycles are popular choices, providing convenient access to key locations. The city’s pedestrian-friendly layout encourages exploration on foot, allowing visitors to savor the local atmosphere and discover hidden gems.

Neighbourhoods to know: Discover the heart of Umeå in its City Center, a bustling hub teeming with a vibrant blend of shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions. Take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque Ume River, soaking in the lively ambiance that defines the city center’s charm. In Umedalen, delve into a world of contemporary architecture and captivating public art installations, gaining a modern and artistic perspective that resonates throughout the area, which is also home to the distinguished Open Air Museum.

Things to do: Dive into the vibrant cultural hub of Umeå Arts Campus, home to institutions like the Umeå Institute of Design and Umeå Academy of Fine Arts, where creativity flourishes, inviting exploration of the dynamic artistic energy permeating the area. Transport yourself through time at Gammliavallen, an open-air museum that unfolds the history of traditional Swedish rural life through well-preserved buildings, providing a captivating glimpse into the region’s heritage. Discover the lively pulse of Nolia City, a bustling district offering a diverse array of shops, cafes, and cultural venues for shopping and entertainment enthusiasts.

Frequently asked questions

Sherpr’s economy solution for sending boxes and shipping luggage to Sweden starts from just $211 for a 44lb shipment, ensuring delivery within 4-5 working days.


Shipping boxes and luggage shipping to Sweden from US is priced at $211 for 44lbs and $285 for 66lbs, and take 4 – 5 working days to arrive.

Sherpr’s economy shipping option from the USA to Sweden ensures delivery within 4-5 working days.

Sending a parcel to Sweden through Sherpr’s economy option requires you to first book online with your shipping dates. Then, you’ll be guided via your Sherpr account to fill out the customs form with information about your shipment. Package up your items and attach the labels that we’ll provide, then our courier partner will pick it up from you at home. Your package will be delivered to Sweden in just 4-5 working days.