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Ship luggage from Spain | Sherpr

Shipping luggage to Spain

Sherpr offers a streamlined and economical solution for shipping from the US to Spain. Choose Sherpr’s affordable way to ship to Spain. Say goodbye to excessive baggage charges and airline restrictions – benefit from a flat-rate shipping fee for shipping luggage to Spain from USA, accommodating luggage up to 66lbs.

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Send packages to Spain

Take the hassle our of sending boxes and packages to Spain. We are committed to simplifying the process when you’re shipping to Spain from USA. Our user-friendly online platform ensures effortless booking with competitive rates. Count on our dedicated customer support team for assistance whenever needed. And keep track of your package’s progress as our dependable courier network guarantees its secure delivery to Spain.

Ship to Spain from USA in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Get a quick quote online and book your shipment and complete necessary customs paperwork through your Sherpr account.

  2. Pack

    Pack your items securely in durable suitcases and attach the label securely. You can choose to print the label yourself or opt for the convenient delivery option provided by our shipping team.

  3. Track

    Now relax! Our dependable shipping partners will collect your items right from your doorstep. Stay in the loop with our easy-to-use tracking system.

  4. Delivered

    We guarantee safe and secure delivery of your belongings. Say goodbye to airport lines, unforeseen costs, and delays as you travel stress-free.

We make shipping easy for…

  • Relocation

    Spain is a box ticker when it comes to relocation. With sleepy coastal towns for retirees, vibrant cities for students, and beachy resorts for hospitality professionals. The climate is another huge draw thanks to the warm summers and mild spring months which make outdoor living possible. Plus expats can look forward to a Mediterranean diet of locally-grown olives, freshly caught fish and seasonal fruits. 

    Find out more about how Sherpr can help you ship your boxes of belongings to Spain to help you with your move.

  • Students

    Don’t let international shipping take the shine off studying abroad. Our team can take that off your hands with our affordable door-to-door student shipping service to Spain. Check out our student page for more information. 

  • Leisure Travel

    Spain’s got walled villages, medieval battlements, and sepia fishing villages dotted with sailboats. People head to the cities for culture on the cobblestones and nightlife, and in the mountainous regions wellness retreats spring up beside hidden beaches. 

    If you’re heading to Spain for leisure travel, don’t mess around with airport queues and excess baggage fees. Send your luggage with us and we’ll have it waiting at your hotel, ready for your arrival.

  • Business Travel

    Spain is a popular option for expats looking to set up their own business in the hospitality trade. The language is relatively easy to pick up and flights are affordable. For accommodation, relocators are spoilt with everything from Andalusian villas complete with pebbled courtyards and vaulted ceilings, to airy city apartments. 

    We can help you or your company send items to Spain. Compared to airlines, we let you send more items and at a weight of up to 66lbs with no additional fees.

Shipping from US to Spain | Sherpr

USA to Spain shipping information

  • Know the rules

    For valuable insights into box and luggage shipping to Spain, explore the official website of Spain’s customs and regulatory authorities to understand the necessary rules and regulations.

  • Shipping restrictions

    In terms of customs and regulations, when it comes to international shipping procedures, it’s crucial to know that certain items may be subject to import duties, taxes, or restrictions. It’s advisable to consult the Spanish Customs website before you book to ship to Spain.

  • Packaging your items

    Prepare your belongings for transit by securely packaging them in durable suitcases or boxes to guarantee their safety throughout the journey. Utilize sturdy containers, padding, and proper wrapping for fragile items to ensure they remain intact and protected.

  • Paperwork to ship to Spain

    Ease through customs with Sherpr’s online documentation process when you’re shipping from US to Spain. Our intuitive platform simplifies the procedure, guiding you through the completion of the required paperwork online.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Sherpr offers $100 complimentary insurance for shipping to Spain from US, ensuring protection against any unexpected challenges en route. Elevate your coverage with ease to $5000 for more comprehensive safeguarding of your items.

  • Cheap shipping from USA to Spain

    Sherpr’s Economy Service takes the stress out of shipping your belongings affordably. With rates starting at just $228.00 for 44lbs and $308.00 for 66lbs, whether you’re packing clothing-filled suitcases or boxes of belongings, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

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3 reasons to ship to Spain with Sherpr

1. Hassle-free travel

Gear up for your journey to Spain fully equipped with outdoor activities such as surfboards, skis, or hiking through bustling airports, without facing extra charges. Sherpr’s reliable shipping service ensures your heavy gear arrives in Spain from the US without the burden of hefty baggage fees.

2. Easy and cheap

No more sky-high baggage fees and the strain of luggage mishaps along your journey. With Sherpr at your service, enjoy the convenience of hassle-free door-to-door pickup and delivery! Knowing your belongings are in reliable hands, you can relax and fully enjoy your journey.

3. Flexible and versatile

If you are thinking about international relocation to Spain then we can help. With a dedicated service for students as well, we excel in simplifying the shipment of items to universities in Spain, facilitating a smooth transition between homes and dormitories. Our customized service for shipping to Spain from USA is crafted to accommodate your relocation requirements.

Shipping to Spain _ Barcelona _ Sherpr


Barcelona, a vibrant city steeped in culture and history, is revered among visitors for its iconic landmarks and contemporary architecture.

When to visit: Summer is the ideal time to experience Barcelona, offering pleasant temperatures, extended daylight hours, and ample sunshine.

Getting around: You can catch the train from Barcelona–El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport. Trekking to Barcelona from the airport is arduous and time-intensive.

Neighborhoods to know: El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport is the closest town to Barcelona with a train station. Montjuïc is a charming district overlooking Barcelona, boasting breathtaking city panoramas. Tibidabo offers the highest accessible point by train in the area.

Things to do: Explore cycling routes and enjoy boat excursions, immerse yourself in sightseeing, or visit the National Museum of Catalonia. Relax and take in city vistas from the plethora of restaurants or cafes in Barcelona.

Shipping to Spain _ Madrid _ Sherpr


Madrid, a bustling city pulsating with history and culture, attracts visitors with its modern allure and iconic landmarks.

When to visit: Spring is the perfect time to explore Madrid, offering blooming flowers, mild weather, and vibrant street life.

Getting around: You can hop on the metro from Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport. Trekking to Madrid from the airport is inconvenient and time-consuming.

Neighborhoods to know: Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport is the closest town to Madrid with a metro station. Malasaña is a trendy neighborhood known for its artistic vibe and lively atmosphere. Retiro Park offers a peaceful retreat in the heart of Madrid, perfect for strolls and picnics.

Things to do: Explore art galleries and museums, or wander through bustling markets like Mercado de San Miguel. Unwind and enjoy panoramic city views from rooftop bars or terrace cafes in Madrid.

Shipping from US to Spain _ Valencia _ Sherpr


Valencia is a dynamic city teeming with history and charm, with stunning architecture and vibrant atmosphere.

When to visit: Spring and autumn are ideal seasons to discover Valencia, offering pleasant temperatures, lively festivals, and fewer crowds.

Getting around: You can catch the metro or bus from Valencia Airport. Walking to Valencia from the airport is not recommended due to distance and lack of pedestrian infrastructure.

Neighborhoods to know: Valencia Airport is the nearest transportation hub to Valencia with bus and metro connections. El Carmen is a historic district renowned for its eclectic boutiques and narrow streets. The City of Arts and Sciences is a modern architectural marvel, showcasing Valencia’s contemporary side.

Things to do: Explore the historic old town, indulge in traditional paella, or relax on the sandy beaches of Malvarrosa and El Cabanyal. Experience Valencia’s vibrant nightlife scene with live music venues, and bustling cafes.

Ship from USA to Spain _ Malaga _ Sherpr


Malaga, a city rich in history and culture, attracts millions of visitors every year with its blend of modern attractions and ancient landmarks.

When to visit: Spring and autumn offer the best weather for exploring Malaga, with clear skies, mild temperatures, and fewer tourists.

Getting around: You can take the train or bus from Malaga Airport. Walking from the airport to Malaga city center is not recommended due to the lack of pedestrian-friendly paths and distance.

Neighborhoods to know: Malaga Airport serves as the main transportation hub, offering train and bus connections to the city center. The historic district of Alcazaba boasts ancient fortifications and stunning views of the city and sea. La Malagueta is a lively neighborhood known for its beautiful beach and vibrant nightlife.

Things to do: Discover the rich history of Malaga with visits to the Alcazaba, the Picasso Museum, and the Cathedral. Relax on the golden sands of Malagueta Beach or stroll along the scenic waterfront promenade. Indulge in traditional Andalusian cuisine at local tapas bars and seafood restaurants.

Frequently asked questions

Sherpr’s rates start from as low as $228.00 for 44lbs and $308.00 for 66 lbs, for both luggage and boxes. Our economy service ensures delivery within 4 – 5 working days.

Let us take care of the intricacies of shipping boxes and packages from USA to Spain for you. Simply pack your items securely in sturdy suitcases, and we’ll guarantee collection and a safe delivery within just 4 – 5 working days, starting at a budget-friendly rate of only $228.00 for 44 lbs.

Sherpr’s Economy shipping service from the USA to Spain ensures prompt delivery in 4 – 5 working days, all starting at an unbeatable rate of only $228.00 for 44lbs, which is 85% lower than the standard international courier costs.

Whether you are a commercial entity or an individual, duties and taxes are to be paid while shipping goods from outside the European Union. The amount depends on the value and size of the imported goods. Generally the cost ranges between 20% to 30% of the shipment’s cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) value.