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Shipping luggage to Singapore | Sherpr

Shipping luggage to Singapore

Sherpr offers a budget-friendly solution for shipping your luggage from US to Singapore. No need to deal with concerns about excess baggage fees and airline regulations – benefit from our competitive fees when shipping luggage weighing up to 66lbs to Singapore from the US. Trust Sherpr to transport your luggage, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free trip.

Send parcel to Singapore | Sherpr

Send boxes to Singapore

Experience a revolutionized box and parcel delivery service with Sherpr’s highly rated shipping service, offering unparalleled rates to ship from USA to Singapore. Our exceptional customer support and seamless booking system garner rave reviews, simplifying the shipping process from the USA to Singapore. Benefit from our extensive courier network to ensure prompt box and package delivery. Plus, track your shipment’s journey online every step of the way.

Ship to Singapore from USA in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Get an instant price quote and book online. Complete the customs documentation via your Sherpr account, ensuring a seamless experience.

  2. Pack

    Pack your belongings securely in durable suitcases or boxes and affix the label. You can either print the label at your convenience or have it mailed to you by our team.

  3. Track

    Sit back and allow our courier partners to collect your items from your doorstep. Keep informed about the status of your shipment with our user-friendly tracking system.

  4. Delivered

    Let our team ensure your belongings reach their destination safely. Say goodbye to delays, airport queues, and unexpected costs.

We make shipping easy for…

  • Relocation

    Singapore usually ranks highly in Asia for quality of life and it’s easy to see why. This island nation is an attractive blend of well-kept, leafy public spaces and enviable business opportunities. 

    We can help you move to Singapore. All we need is a short description of the items you’re planning on taking and your reason for moving (for customs purposes). Then you’ll need to pack your items in walled boxes and sturdy suitcases. We’ll do the rest.

  • Students

    If you have been accepted to an education program in Singapore congratulations! The next part is how to move there without spoiling your experience. If you need help moving your things to Singapore, we can help you ship your items. Check out our student shipping page for more information on our affordable delivery service from the USA to Singapore.

  • Leisure Travel

    People visit Singapore to see its famous botanical gardens, futuristic conservatories in the sky, and cloud forests for themselves. Cable cars are strung across the islands and swanky bars line the streets. 

    If you’re travelling for leisure purposes, we can help you move. Don’t mess around with airport queues and excess baggage fees. Ship your items internationally with us and we’ll have it waiting at your hotel, ready for your arrival.

  • Business Travel

    For business travel, Singapore has a lot going for it. Think, international trade links, a stable economy, an appealing tax structure, and a highly-skilled workforce. It’s particularly strong in the trade, financial, and manufacturing sectors. 

    If your company’s sending items to Singapore, we can help. Compared to airlines, we let you send more items and at a weight of up to 66lbs with no additional fees.

Shipping from US to Singapore | Sherpr

US to Singapore shipping information

  • Know the rules

    It’s advisable to be cleat about the rules and regulations regarding box and luggage shipments to Singapore. We recommend checking the official platforms of Singaporean customs and regulatory authorities to make sure you are fully ware of your obligations and legal requirements.

  • Shipping restrictions

    When it comes to international shipping, it’s vital to recognize that certain items may encounter restrictions, import taxes, or duties. For a clear understanding of permissible items when shipping from US to Singapore, it’s prudent to consult Singapore’s customs website. to ensure compliance.

  • Packaging your items

    Make sure you secure your items well by packaging them up securely to ensure that they are protected during transit. Use sturdy boxes, padding and wrap fragile items, to protect them on their journey when you send packages to Singapore.

  • Paperwork to ship to Singapore

    When shipping from USA to Singapore, filling out the necessary customs documentation is paramount. Our intuitive website offers a seamless online completion process for these vital documents, ensuring a hassle-free shipping experience from start to finish.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Safeguard your possessions against potential damages in transit with insurance coverage. Sherpr’s offers free standard insurance protection of $100, with the option to extend coverage up to $5000 for enhanced coverage.

  • Cheap shipping from US to Singapore

    Send your belongings affordably with our Economy service. Rates start from as little as $175.00 for 44lbs and $235.00 for 66lbs, an average 85% less than standard courier charges. Sherpr ensures a seamless experience from start to finish, providing you with a secure and reliable shipping service.

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3 reasons for for shipping with Sherpr

1. Hassle-free travel

Set off on your Singaporean escapade with Sherpr’s streamlined service for shipping from USA to Singapore. Say farewell to the pain of excess baggage fees for outdoor pursuits such as skiing, hiking, or surfing, with Sherpr’s seamless solution. Enjoy a smooth journey while commercially shipping from USA to Singapore, especially when transporting bulky items.

2. Easy and cheap

Relieve the burden of hefty baggage fees and the potential risk of loss during transit on your voyage. Sherpr’s door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service is a cost-effective option for shipping from USA to Singapore, ensuring a budget-friendly and hassle-free way to ship your luggage abroad.

3. Flexible and versatile

If you’re planning a move to Sinagore and researching international relocation costs, we’re glad you found us. We also excel help US students move to and from universities in Singapore, ensuring a smooth transition. Our customized service for shipping from USA to Singapore is crafted to precisely meet each customer’s relocation requirements, promising convenience throughout the process.

Shipping from US to Singapore _ Holland Village _ Sherpr

Holland Village

In Holland Village, a charming blend of modern amenities, cultural diversity, and natural allure that travelers can bask in.

When to visit: Consider planning your trip between March and September when the weather is typically perfect for tourists.

Getting around: Holland Village boasts an extensive public transportation network, comprising trains, buses, and trams, facilitating easy exploration of the area.

Neighborhoods to know: Wander through the lively streets of Holland Village and immerse yourself in the area’s rich heritage. Explore colorful markets and indulge in authentic local cuisine in this vibrant district.

Things to do: Dive into Holland Village’s cultural mosaic by paying a visit to the National Tile Museum. Make sure not to miss the iconic Holland Village Tower, offering breathtaking views of the area.

Ship to Singapore | Tanglin | Sherpr


You can find a harmonious fusion of cultural richness, natural splendor, and modern conveniences, in Tanglin.

When to visit: Plan your trip between March and September when the weather is typically pleasant and conducive to outdoor exploration.

Getting around: Tanglin benefits from a well-developed public transportation system, including trains, buses, and trams.

Neighborhoods to know: Stroll through the vibrant streets of Tanglin and experience its diverse heritage. Discover bustling markets and savor authentic local flavors in this dynamic district.

Things to do: Explore the cultural heritage of Tanglin by exploring the National Tile Museum. Visit the iconic Tanglin Tower for panoramic views of the neighborhood.

Ship from USA to Singapore _ Tiong Bahru _ Sherpr

Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru, is widely popular among visitors for its captivating combination of modern amenities, cultural vibrancy, and natural charm.

When to visit: Plan your trip between March and September when the weather is typically favorable, allowing for an enjoyable climate to tour around.

Getting around: Tiong Bahru boasts a quality public transportation network, comprising trams, buses, and trains.

Neighborhoods to know: Wander through the eclectic streets of Tiong Bahru immersing yourself in its diverse cultural heritage. Explore vibrant markets and indulge in authentic local cuisine in this lively district.

Things to do: Delve into Tiong Bahru’s cultural tapestry by visiting the National Tile Museum. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb the iconic Tiong Bahru Tower for panoramic views of the neighborhood.

Ship to Singapore from USA _ Tanjong Pagar _ Sherpr

Tanjong Pagar

In Tanjong Pagar, travelers will discover a fusion of cultural diversity, natural beauty, and modern amenities.

When to visit: To fully appreciate the essence of Tanjong Pagar, plan your visit between March and September.

Getting around: Tanjong Pagar benefits from an extensive public transportation system, including buses, trains, and trams.

Neighborhoods to know: Take a leisurely stroll through the vibrant streets of Tanjong Pagar. Explore local markets and sample authentic cuisine in this dynamic district.

Things to do: Dive into Tanjong Pagar’s cultural heritage with a visit to the National Tile Museum. Don’t miss the chance to ascend the iconic Tanjong Pagar Tower for panoramic views.

Frequently asked questions

Sherpr’s flat rate shipping costs start at just $175.00 for 44lbs and $235.00 for 66 lbs, accommodating both luggage and boxes. Delivery is within 5 – 6 working days.

To send a package to Singapore from the USA, package up your items securely, ensure that the labels are securely attached and the relevant customs forms have been completed, and we’ll collect right from your address and guarantee delivery within 5 – 6 working days.

Sherpr’s reliable, and budget-conscious shipping service from the US to Singapore ensures prompt delivery within just 5 – 6 working days. Rates start at an unbeatable rate of only $175.00 for 44lbs, which is 85% lower than standard international courier costs.

Imported goods valued above SGD 400 require customs and duties to be paid. The average amount of Goods and Services Tax (GST) while shipping packages from US to Singapore is 9.0%.