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Easy shipping from US to Philippines

Cheapest shipping from Philippines to USA | Sherpr

Shipping luggage to Philippines

Sherpr provides a cost-effective and uncomplicated solution for shipping to the Philippines from USA, ensuring the stress-free and seamless management of excess luggage. Whether your visit is a leisurely vacation or a permanent relocation, with Sherpr you don’t have to worry about lugging your belongings to and from the airport. Opt for swift and economical luggage shipping to Philippines with us and we’ll handle the logistics effectively. Say goodbye to stringent airline regulations and exorbitant baggage fees; choose Sherpr for shipping from US to Philippines and bring along everything you need. Plus, benefit from the cheapest way to ship to Philippines from USA for luggage weighing up to 66lbs.

Send package to Philippines | Sherpr

Send a package to Philippines

Looking for the most economical way to send a parcel, gift, or for shipping boxes to the Philippines from the US? Sherpr provides a user-friendly platform that not only simplifies the shipping process but also ensures the lowest possible shipping cost to the Philippines. Count on us for the most affordable rates when it comes to shipping to the Philippines. Our excellent customer service and straightforward booking system have gained top reviews for making the shipping journey from the US to the Philippines seamless. Additionally, track your parcel’s journey online every step of the way for added peace of mind. Sherpr is your trusted partner and the cheapest way to ship to Philippines from the US.

Ship to Philippines from USA in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Secure affordable shipping from US to Philippines by booking and completing necessary customs forms effortlessly on your Sherpr account using our user-friendly platform.

  2. Pack

    Make sure to pack your belongings in appropriate boxes or suitcase, affixing the label that you can either print independently or have delivered to you by mail from our service.

  3. Track

    Our courier partners will pick up your items directly from an address of your choice. Through our tracking services, get informed about your belongings and stay worryless.

  4. Delivered

    Now you can focus solely on your journey and ensure a fantastic travel experience while we guarantee your items reach your final destination, ready for your arrival. Say goodbye to airport queues, delays, and unforeseen fees.

Shipping to the Philippines is easy for…

  • Relocation

    Philippines is know for it’s myriad of attractions. Besides, sumptuous local cuisine and promising opportunities to explore the landscapes and coastlines, the country offers a diverse experience. Career prospects are promising, and there’s a strong emphasis on health and well-being. However, costs to send package to Philippines from USA can be a concern. Get an instant quote for our competitive rates and enjoy some of the cheapest shipping from Philippines to USA today.

  • Students

    Don’t let the complexities of international shipping from US to Philippines dampen the excitement of studying in the Philippines. Trust our team with the task through our cost-effective door-to-door student shipping service. Surprisingly, our student shipping costs from the UK to the Philippines are more pocket-friendly than you might imagine. With some of the most competitive rates for shipping luggage internationally, you’ll have extra funds to enhance your social life once you arrive at university.

  • Leisure Travel

    Delve into the world of cost-effective shipping as Sherpr seamlessly handles international luggage delivery from US to the Philippines for you and back again. Get an instant online quote, and let us use our skills and experience to navigate the complexities so you can enjoy your vacation hands and luggage-free.

  • Business

    We offer the ideal solution, when you are intending to get a cost-cutting on baggage shipping for your business trip. Ensure the cheapest way to ship to Philippines from USA. And our efficient door-to-door luggage delivery service means that you can stay focused on your work priorities while we expertly manage the transportation of your parcels, boxes and luggage to your Philippine destination.

Shipping to the Philippines from USA | Sherpr

Shipping to Philippines from USA

  • Know the rules

    For the most accurate and up-to-date information on sending a package from the US to China, you should visit the official Customs website of China. It offers comprehensive details on customs regulations, required documentation, and any specific permits or licenses that may be needed for shipping to China.

  • Shipping restrictions

    If you need to ship to China, awareness about the restrictions imposed by Chinese authorities is essential. These restrictions may include guidelines on prohibited items when shipping to China, import regulations, and customs requirements. Stay informed and ensure compliance by referring to official government resources.

  • Packaging your items

    Provide utmost safety for your luggage and boxes on their route China by packaging them carefully. Use robust boxes, generous padding, and secure wrapping to shield delicate or precious items. Ensure a worry-free shipping experience, and consider Sherpr’s cheap shipping to China as a worthwhile investment in the safety of your belongings.

  • Paperwork to ship US to Philippines

    Experience the hassle-free journey from USA to China by navigating the seas of customs paperwork with Sherpr’s user-friendly system. Our intuitive platform guides you through the process online. Let Sherpr be your trusted companion in international shipping to China, ensuring smooth and efficient customs declaration.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Ensure peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance options. When shipping to China from the States we offer $100 of complimentary insurance to protect against potential damages during transit. Insurance can be extended by up to $5000.

  • Cheapest way to ship to Philippines

    Reduce your excess baggage costs with Sherpr with our economical shipping service from US to China. And all while maintaining a high standard of quality, reliability, and timely delivery. Enjoy the convenience of our services, carefully crafted to offer dependable and cost-effective shipping options, ensuring your items reach their destination without putting a strain on your budget.

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3 reasons for shipping with Sherpr

1. Hassle-free travel

Whether you’re traveling to the Philippines for business or personal reasons, enjoy an easy way to get there using our luggage shipping service from US to Philippines. With a plethora of outdoor activities awaiting, additional baggage becomes essential. For enthusiasts of diving, hiking, or surfing, transporting bulky equipment items through commercial flights poses challenges. Sherpr’s cheapest shipping from Philippines to USA simplifies the process associated with luggage shipping.

2. Convenient and cheap

Say goodbye to the risk of losing your belongings and excess baggage fees during transit – our all-encompassing shipping from US to Philippines service provides convenient pick-up and drop-of service. This not only makes travel considerably more convenient but also some of the cheapest shipping from US to the Philippines. Whether you’re shipping luggage for both return journey and outbound, it’s an ideal solution.

3. Flexible and versatile

We’re also here to assist if you’re contemplating a relocation and require support with removals and home shipping from US to Philippines. Our services extend to aiding students in transporting their belongings to and from college in the Philippines, particularly at the start and end of each semester.

Shipping to the Philippines | Makati |Sherpr


As the central business district of Metro Manila, Makati stands as a dynamic urban center, showcasing a fusion of modernity and cultural richness. Renowned for its towering skyscrapers, upscale shopping districts, and vibrant lifestyle, Makati encapsulates the essence of the Philippines’ cosmopolitan spirit.

When to visit: The optimal time to visit Makati is during the dry season from November to April, offering pleasant weather for exploring the city’s outdoor attractions, enjoying cultural events, and savoring the lively atmosphere. December adds a festive touch with the city adorned in Christmas lights and decorations.

How to get around: Makati boasts a well-developed transportation system, including an extensive subway network, buses, and taxis. The subway, known as the MRT, is a convenient means of reaching major attractions. Taxis are readily available, providing flexibility for exploring different neighborhoods, while walking is a delightful option within the central business district.

Neighborhoods to know: Explore the vibrant districts of Makati: Ayala Center, the heart of the city, showcasing luxury shopping malls, hotels, and the iconic Ayala Triangle Gardens; Bonifacio Global City (BGC), a neighboring district renowned for modern skyscrapers, high-end condominiums, and a bustling business and lifestyle scene; and Poblacion, an emerging area with a bohemian vibe, featuring trendy bars, art galleries, and a diverse array of dining options. Makati’s diverse neighborhoods promise a blend of sophistication, modernity, and artistic energy for every visitor.

Things to do: Get yourself in upscale retail therapy at Greenbelt Mall in Ayala Center; immerse yourself in Filipino art and history at Ayala Museum; enjoy a serene break amidst greenery at Ayala Triangle Gardens; and explore the vibrant lifestyle district of Bonifacio High Street in BGC, offering a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. In summary, Makati’s grandeur, modern vitality, and cultural richness make it a captivating destination, offering a spectrum of experiences for travelers exploring Metro Manila.

Ship to Philippines | Dumaguete | Sherpr


As the capital of the Philippines, Dumaguete stands as a historical and cultural gem, where provincial charm harmonizes with contemporary allure. With its scenic landscapes and relaxed ambiance, Dumaguete encapsulates the essence of the Philippines’ rich heritage and serene present.

When to visit: Choosing the ideal time to visit Dumaguete depends on your preferences. The city experiences a consistent tropical climate throughout the year. However, the dry season from November to May is particularly suitable for outdoor activities, with sunny weather perfect for exploring marine sanctuaries and enjoying coastal walks.

How to get around: Dumaguete’s transportation infrastructure is well-suited for exploration. Tricycles, motorbikes, and pedicabs are popular modes of transport, providing easy access to various attractions. Renting a bicycle offers a leisurely way to explore the city’s charming streets and coastal paths.

Neighborhoods to know: Rizal Boulevard, gracing the seafront, invites with seaside promenades, seafood dining, and vibrant nightlife; the Siliman University Area, an academic hub, offers cultural attractions such as the Siliman Anthropology Museum; and Valencia, a tranquil escape just a short drive from Dumaguete, is renowned for lush landscapes, hot springs, and the picturesque Casaroro Falls. Dumaguete’s diverse offerings promise a delightful blend of coastal beauty, cultural richness, and serene escapes for every traveler.

Things to do: Explore the captivating marine biodiversity of Apo Island, just a short boat ride away; enjoy sunset strolls, waterfront dining, and the city’s relaxed pace along Rizal Boulevard; gain insights into marine conservation efforts and local marine life at Siliman University Marine Laboratory; and indulge in local delicacies while immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Dumaguete Public Market. In essence, Dumaguete’s enchanting blend of natural beauty, friendly locals, and cultural attractions offers a diverse array of experiences for every traveler.

Cheapest way to ship to Philippines | Cebu | Sherpr


As a cultural and economic hub in the Philippines, Cebu stands as a diverse destination where historical richness intertwines with modern vitality. With its blend of historical sites, pristine beaches, and vibrant urban life, Cebu showcases the Philippines’ multifaceted identity.

When to visit: Choosing the ideal time to visit Cebu depends on your preferences. The city experiences a tropical climate, and the dry season from December to May is optimal for outdoor activities and beach exploration. The Sinulog Festival in January adds a vibrant cultural touch, featuring lively parades and celebrations.

How to get around: Cebu offers various transportation options, including buses, jeepneys, and taxis. Grabbing a jeepney, a colorful and iconic mode of transport, is a unique way to explore the city. Taxis are readily available, providing a convenient option for reaching specific destinations.

Neighborhoods to know: Explore Cebu’s diverse districts: Lahug, a bustling area celebrated for IT parks, trendy cafes, and the iconic Taoist Temple; Mactan, an island adjacent to Cebu renowned for its beautiful resorts, beaches, and water activities; and Colon Street, the oldest street in the Philippines, adorned with shops, markets, and historic structures. Each district presents a unique facet of Cebu’s rich tapestry, making it a city of both modernity and historical significance.

Things to do: Visit Magellan’s Cross, a historical site commemorating Ferdinand Magellan’s arrival in 1521; experience the vibrant Sinulog Festival, celebrating Cebu’s cultural heritage with colorful parades and street dances; explore the stunning Kawasan Falls in Badian, offering a refreshing natural retreat; and discover the picturesque Taoist Temple in Cebu with its intricate architecture and panoramic views. In essence, Cebu’s dynamic blend of history, culture, and natural beauty makes it a captivating destination, offering a range of experiences for travelers seeking both adventure and relaxation in the Philippines.

Shipping from US to Philippines | Davao City | Sherpr

Davao City

As a bustling city in the southern part of the Philippines, Davao City stands as a gateway to the Mindanao region, offering a unique blend of urban vibrancy and natural beauty. Known for its safety, cleanliness, and rich biodiversity, Davao City provides a captivating experience for visitors seeking a diverse and culturally rich destination.

When to visit: Davao City enjoys a tropical climate, making it a year-round destination. The dry season from December to May is ideal for outdoor activities and exploring the city’s attractions. The Kadayawan Festival in August, a celebration of abundance and thanksgiving, adds a cultural flair with vibrant parades and street dances.

How to get around: Davao City offers various transportation options, including taxis, tricycles, and jeepneys. Taxis are readily available, providing a convenient way to navigate the city. Jeepneys and tricycles offer a more local and adventurous mode of transport, allowing you to explore different neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods to know: Discover the diverse districts of Davao: Matina, a residential enclave featuring local markets, parks, and the iconic Crocodile Park; Downtown Area, home to People’s Park, museums, and historical landmarks; and Ecoland, a vibrant district boasting shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment hubs. Each area unfolds a unique facet of Davao’s charm, offering a blend of local life, cultural richness, and urban vibrancy.

Things to do: Climb the Philippines’ highest peak, Mount Apo, near Davao City for an adventurous experience; relax and unwind in People’s Park, an urban oasis featuring indigenous sculptures and lush greenery; explore the scenic views, gardens, and outdoor activities at Eden Nature Park, a mountain resort; and get up close to various wildlife, including crocodiles, at Davao Crocodile Park, an educational and entertaining destination. In essence, Davao City’s harmonious blend of urban development and natural attractions makes it an intriguing destination, providing a spectrum of experiences for travelers eager to explore the southern part of the Philippines.

Frequently asked questions

Sherpr is one of the most economical ways to ship boxes and luggage from the US to Philippines, with a swift delivery time of 6-7 working days.

Sherpr is offering economical rates starts at $459.00 for 44lbs and $566.00 for 66lbs luggages, with a swift delivery timeframe of 6-7 working days.

Luggage shipping from US to Philippines often entails numerous costs, including those related to diverse transportation methods, extended distances, customs fees, labor, fuel, currency exchange, documentation, taxes, and packaging. Sherpr, provides an economical solution, offering flat-rate shipping to the Philippines from USA with economic options.

When you want to send a package from US to Philippines, essential documentation such as a commercial invoice and an air waybill is a requisite. Sherpr simplifies this process with its user-friendly system, ensuring a smooth and efficient shipping experience.