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Shipping Luggage to Germany | Sherpr

Shipping luggage to Germany

Embarking on an exciting journey to Germany? Sherpr provides a straightforward and cost-effective solution for shipping luggage to Germany. Whether you’re heading there for a holiday or making a permanent move, you can now eliminate the stress of handling your luggage to and from the airport. Opt for our swift and economical way to send luggage to Germany and let us manage it for you. Say goodbye to rigid airline regulations and exorbitant baggage fees – choose Sherpr for seamless luggage shipping to Germany. Additionally, with our cheap international shipping service we offer a fixed-rate shipping cost to send luggage to Germany. Experience hassle-free travel by sending your luggage abroad with Sherpr.

Send Package to Germany | Sherpr

Send package to Germany

When you need to send a parcel, gift, or box to Germany from the US, Sherpr’s user-friendly website enables you to do so while keeping shipping costs as low as possible. Rely on Sherpr for affordable rates, providing the most cost-effective box and parcel shipping to Germany. Our excellent customer service and straightforward booking process make shipping from the US to Germany easy. With a reliable network of courier and shipping partners, trust that when you pick our send package to Germany service, it will arrive safely and on time. And as well as keeping the cost to ship to Germany down, you can trace your parcel’s journey to Germany online at every step.

Shipping from US to Germany in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Get an instant online quote and book cost-effective shipping to Germany from your Sherpr account. Easily complete the necessary customs forms using our user-friendly website and ship to Germany effortlessly.

  2. Pack

    Safely package your belongings in an appropriate box or suitcase, and affix the label, which you can either print at your convenience or receive by mail from us. Enjoy the cheapest shipping from US to Germany with our reliable services.

  3. Track

    Sit back and relax! Our courier partners will pick up your items directly from your home address. Stay informed about your shipment with our convenient tracking service as you seamlessly ship to Germany.

  4. Delivered

    Focus on your journey while we ensure your items reach your end destination in time for your arrival. Say goodbye to airport queues, delays, or unexpected fees with our reliable shipping to Germany from the US.

Sherpr makes shipping easy for…

  • Relocation

    The epitome of relocation excellence? Germany boasts a perfect blend of modernity and natural beauty. With vibrant urban centers offering diverse experiences and expansive landscapes to explore, it’s an ideal destination. Career prospects are promising, and the emphasis on health and well-being is commendable. However, the cost to ship to Germany can often be steep. Fear not, with Sherpr, you can obtain an instant quote for our shipping services to Germany.

  • Students

    Don’t let the complexities of international shipping dampen the excitement of studying in Germany. Our team is here to handle that for you through our affordable door-to-door student shipping service. The cost to ship to Germany for students from the US is surprisingly budget-friendly. We provide some of the most competitive rates, allowing you to allocate more funds to your social experiences once you start your new college life in Germany!

  • Leisure Travel

    As a renowned destination for global adventurers, Germany offers abundant leisure opportunities with its breathtaking mountain ranges and serene locations, such as the Baltic and North Seas. Avoid airport queues and excess baggage fees by choosing our dependable service shipping from US to Germany. Ship luggage ahead with us, , and we’ll ensure it awaits you at your destination, ready for your arrival.

  • Business Travel

    If you are traveling for business, consider having your company send your items ahead of time to minimize the cost to ship to Germany by avoiding excess baggage fees at the airport. With Sherpr, you can send luggage to Germany with more personal items compared to airlines, with a weight limit as displayed on the website and no additional fees. Our door-to-door luggage delivery service is amongst the easiest and cheapest way to ship to Germany from USA, allowing you to concentrate on your work while we handle the transportation of your luggage to your destination.

Cheapest way to ship to Germany | Sherpr

Shipping to Germany from USA

Similar to the visa application process for entry into the United States, to ship boxes or send luggage to Germany from the US involves considering international regulations and logistics. It’s crucial to be well-informed before initiating the process.

  • Know the rules

    Before shipping from the US to Germany, familiarize yourself with the import and customs clearance procedures to ensure compliance and avoid unnecessary delays or fines. Find relevant information on the official Germany Customs website.

  • US to Germany shipping restrictions

    Check for potential import restrictions, taxes, or duties for specific items by consulting Germany’s Customs and Border Protection website when shipping from the US to Germany.

  • Packaging your items

    To protect your items during transit, ensure secure packaging. Utilize sturdy boxes, particularly for fragile items, when sending a package to Germany.

  • Paperwork to ship to Germany

    When shipping from US to Germany, completing various customs documents is a crucial step. Sherpr simplifies this process with our user-friendly system, guiding you seamlessly through online document completion.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Opt for insurance to safeguard your shipment from potential losses and damages during transit. Sherpr’s US to Germany shipping service provides $100 complementary insurance coverage with up to $5000 additional cover for more valuable shipments.

  • Cheapest way to ship to Germany

    Avoid excess baggage fees with Sherpr and enjoy budget-friendly shipping from the US to Germany. Experience top-notch quality, reliability, and timely delivery. Request a quote today to kickstart your hassle-free shipping journey.

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3 reasons for shipping to Germany from US

1. Hassle-free travel

Whether you’re traveling to Germany for business, adventure, or personal reasons, Sherpr simplifies the task of shipping to Germany from USA. Engaging in various outdoor activities often requires extra baggage, and for enthusiasts of climbing, hiking, skiing, or surfing, conventional airline travel can pose challenges. Our service to send boxes or for shipping luggage to Germany streamlines the process, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

2. Easy and cheap

Whether you seek adventure, a city getaway, or a relaxing holiday, Sherpr facilitates easy luggage transportation and the cheapest shipping from USA to Germany. Say goodbye to excess baggage fees and the worry of lost belongings during transit. Our comprehensive service shipping from US to Germany provides convenient door-to-door pick-up and drop-off, offering significantly more convenience and stress-free travel. We try and keep the cost to ship to Germany down so you can enjoy some of the cheapest shipping from USA to Germany with Sherpr. Ship your luggage for both outbound and return legs or choose only the return journey – ideal for souvenir shoppers!

3. Flexible and versatile

Sherpr is your partner for relocations, providing assistance with removals and home shipping from US to Germany with our home and international relocation shipping services. And our service extends to helping students transport their belongings to and from college in Germany too, especially during visits at the end of the semester. Clearing out dorm rooms and returning home can be challenging, and our service aims to ease the journey.

Ship to Germany | Sherpr | Berlin


Discover the vibrant capital of Germany, where history and modernity converge seamlessly.

When to visit: Berlin is captivating year-round, but summer showcases its outdoor allure, while the festive holiday season adds a magical touch.

How to get around: Efficient public transportation, including trains and buses, makes navigating the city a breeze. Embrace the cycling culture or explore on foot for a more intimate experience.

Neighborhoods to know: From the artsy vibe of Kreuzberg to the historical charm of Mitte, each neighborhood offers a unique perspective. Prenzlauer Berg appeals to families, while Charlottenburg exudes elegance.

Things to do: Visit the iconic Brandenburg Gate, immerse yourself in history at the Berlin Wall, and explore the vibrant street art scene. Museumsinsel and the Tiergarten provide cultural respites, while nightlife in Friedrichshain ignites the city after dark.

Shipping from US to Germany | Sherpr | Cologne


Nestled on the Rhine River, Cologne is a cultural gem with a rich history and a lively spirit.

When to visit: Plan your visit during the Cologne Carnival for a festive experience, or enjoy the summer months when outdoor events and festivals abound.

How to get around: Efficient public transportation, including trams and buses, ensures easy exploration. Consider strolling along the Rhine Promenade for a leisurely experience.

Neighborhoods to know: The Old Town (Altstadt) exudes charm with its narrow streets and historic buildings. Ehrenfeld, known for its artistic flair, and the upscale Lindenthal offer diverse atmospheres.

Things to do: Marvel at the awe-inspiring Cologne Cathedral, stroll through the charming Old Town, and explore the avant-garde art scene in Ehrenfeld. Don’t miss a Rhine River cruise for picturesque views.

Cheapest Shipping from USA to Germany | Sherpr | Frankfurt


As the financial hub of Germany, Frankfurt seamlessly blends modern skyscrapers with historic landmarks.

When to visit: Spring and fall offer pleasant weather for exploring the city. Visit during the Frankfurt Book Fair or the Christmas Market for special experiences.

How to get around: An extensive public transportation network, including the efficient S-Bahn and U-Bahn, simplifies travel. Consider walking along the River Main or renting a bike for a scenic tour.

Neighborhoods to know: The financial district boasts impressive skyscrapers, while Sachsenhausen offers a historic atmosphere. The trendy Nordend appeals to a younger crowd, and Bornheim provides a relaxed vibe.

Things to do: Ascend the Main Tower for panoramic views, explore the historic Römer, and stroll along the River Main. Indulge in cultural experiences at the Städel Museum or enjoy the lively atmosphere at the Palmengarten.

Ship to Germany from USA | Munich | Sherpr


Bavaria’s capital, Munich, welcomes visitors with its blend of rich traditions, green spaces, and a thriving cultural scene.

When to visit: Embrace the lively atmosphere of Oktoberfest in September or enjoy the pleasant summer months for outdoor activities.

How to get around: Efficient public transportation, including the U-Bahn and S-Bahn, makes it easy to explore Munich. Consider renting a bike to discover the city’s extensive bike paths.

Neighborhoods to know: The historic Altstadt charms with its architecture, while Schwabing offers a bohemian atmosphere. Haidhausen is known for its vibrant nightlife, and Nymphenburg boasts royal splendor.

Things to do: Visit the iconic Marienplatz, explore the grandeur of Nymphenburg Palace, and revel in the beer gardens of the Englischer Garten. Discover cultural treasures at the Pinakothek museums and experience the local flair at Viktualienmarkt.

Frequently asked questions

For box and luggage shipping from the US to Germany, the rates are $174.00 for 44lbs and $237.00 for 66lbs, with a delivery timeframe of 4-5 working days.

Sherpr’s economy option stands out as one of the fastest choices for box and luggage shipping from the US to Germany, delivering within 4-5 working days.

The cost of shipping packages from the USA to Germany can be influenced by factors such as the considerable distance, customs fees, diverse transportation methods, documentation requirements, taxes, labor, fuel prices, currency exchange rates, and packaging expenses. Sherpr addresses this by providing a cost-effective, flat-rate shipping solution to Germany, offering both standard and express options.

Yes, when sending a package from the US to Germany, you may have to pay customs duties and taxes. The charges depend on the declared value and type of goods. Check with German customs for specific details.

Customs information for Germany

When shipping luggage and boxes to Germany from the USA, you will be required to provide some information for customs purposes. In addition to specifying the contents of your luggage and boxes, you will need to provide a copy of your passport, your flight details and official proof of residence. Depending on your reason for travelling to Germany, this required information will vary. But don’t worry, everything you need will be available for you to complete in your My Account section.