New York

Traveling to or from New York? Sherpr offers a fast, no hassle, door-to-door shipping service, allowing you to travel hands-free

Ship luggage to New York in 4 simple steps

No hassle, door-to-door delivery of your luggage and boxes

  1. Book

    Get an instant quote then book your items in with our easy-to-use site

  2. Pack

    Next, you’ll need to pack your items in a suitcase or box

  3. Track

    Now it’s time to relax! A courier will collect your baggage and other items from your home address or workplace. Keep tabs on your items’ journey to New York with our handy tracking service

  4. Delivered

    You focus on your journey, we’ll get your items to your end destination. No airport queues or time wasted with luggage delays when you send your luggage and boxes to New York with Sherpr

Why use Sherpr when shipping to New York?

Whatever your reason for traveling, we make shipping luggage and boxes to New York simple

  • Relocating to New York

    Whether you’re making a big move to New York for work or to be closer to family, we make it easy and hassle-free to ship luggage to New York. Shipping to New York from anywhere in the US starts from just $30.

  • Vacation in New York

    The smart way to travel is to ship your luggage to New York and avoid all the stresses of lugging your suitcases around the airport, waiting in long lines at check-in and waiting at the baggage carousel.

  • Studying in New York

    We take care of shipping your student essentials to your accommodation in New York at affordable rates. Visit our student page for all the information you’ll need to know when shipping your belongings to New York.

  • Work trip to New York

    If you are traveling to New York for business, have your company send your luggage and other items ahead to save on excess waiting times at the airport. Our service allows you to send more suitcases and personal items weighing up to 66 lbs.

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Shipping from New York to any destination

Send your luggage and boxes from New York to other US states and 200+ places worldwide

  • After a vacation

    Traveling with large luggage can be stressful, hard work, and exhausting. Just tell us when you’re leaving your accommodation in New York. We then pick up your luggage from the location and deliver it straight to your home or leave it in a safe space, ready for when you arrive from New York.

  • Relocating from New York

    Send your luggage and boxes from New York to 200+ destinations worldwide. We offer a flat fee payment structure for relocation services with no hidden charges when you ship your luggage overseas or domestically from or to New york. All you need to do it pack your items and we’ll take care of the shipping them from New York to your new destination.

  • Customs considerations

    When shipping from New York to an international destination, you will be required to provide information about your shipment. You can do this by completing an online customs form which will be available in your account after placing your order.

  • Insure your belongings

    Keeping your goods safe while they are being shipped from New York is very important to us. That’s why we offer $100 free insurance cover for every shipment you make with us. If that’s not enough, you can purchase up to $5,000 worth of additional cover.

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How much is shipping to New York?

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