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Ship golf clubs in 4 simple steps

Experience seamless and stress-free golf club shipping direct to your hotel or resort. Smart golfers know that sending golf clubs ahead makes all the difference for your trip.

  1. Book

    Receive a quick quote online for shipping your golf clubs ahead. Simply choose your travel dates and arrange for your shipment to arrive in advance at your preferred hotel or golf resort.

  2. Pack

    Ensure your clubs are securely packed, then effortlessly attach the Sherpr label. You can either print it yourself or have it delivered to your doorstep, ready for collection.

  3. Track

    Our reliable courier partners will conveniently pick up your golf clubs from your home or any designated address. Track their journey every step of the way using our user-friendly online tracking tools.

  4. Delivered

    Time to kick back and relax! Your clubs will be securely transported straight to the golf course or hotel, awaiting your arrival. Say goodbye to bulky bags, airport queues, and pesky baggage fees!

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Why Sherpr for golf club shipping?

At Sherpr, we excel in shipping sports equipment, luggage, and boxes globally. We specialize in making worldwide shipping hassle-free for holidaymakers, sports teams, home movers, relocators and students and more.

  • Cheapest Way To Ship Golf Clubs

    Gearing up for a golfing escape but dreading the burden of lugging your clubs? Shipping golf clubs ahead has become an indispensable aspect of any golf holiday. Our service offers the best way to ship golf clubs, with hassle-free transportation, ensuring convenience without draining your wallet.

    We understand the importance of managing costs while ensuring your clubs receive proper care. Looking for the cheapest way to ship golf clubs? Our budget-friendly rates offer peace of mind as we handle your clubs with utmost care, delivering them hassle-free to your destination. Say goodbye to struggling with heavy bags at airports; experience smooth, stress-free travel instead. Discover the convenience and affordability of shipping golf clubs with Sherpr today!

  • Convenient Pickup & Delivery

    Experience ultimate convenience and the best way to ship golf clubs with Sherpr. Our user-friendly platform is rated excellent by customers, making booking a breeze and ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Prepare your clubs for shipment effortlessly with printable labels, streamlining the process to just a few clicks.

    Say goodbye to drop-off headaches! When you book to send golf clubs, our door-to-door service ensures seamless pickup from any address and direct delivery to your hotel or golf course ahead of your arrival, allowing you to focus on the game that matters most. With our expertise and know-how, we help thousands of customers every day to ship golf clubs, luggage, boxes and more, domestically and internationally, to and from more than 200 global destinations.


  • Flexible Insurance Coverage

    For your peace of mind, our service includes flexible insurance options with the first $100 of cover included for free. Then, you can tailor your insurance to match the value and quantity of clubs being shipped, with the option to extend coverage up to $5000. Whether you’re casually hitting the greens or competing professionally, rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

    Ship golf clubs confidently, knowing they’re shielded from unexpected mishaps and don’t leave it to chance – let Sherpr handle it for steadfast protection throughout your journey. Plus, when you send golf clubs ahead with Sherpr, you can monitor your items in real-time using our tracking tool.

  • Hands-On Customer Support

    Understanding that golf clubs are highly valued possessions, entrusting a third party to send them abroad can be a nerve-wracking experience. That’s why our service includes hands-on support from an award-winning customer support team, available for assistance at any time.

    Thousands of satisfied customers have rated our customer support team as excellent, ensuring that your needs are met with high quality service. Whether you prefer phone, email, or online assistance, help is readily available just a call or click away. From inquiries about booking to updates on tracking, you can count on us to be there every step of the way, so you can enjoy a seamless, worry-free journey from beginning to end.

“Experience the Sherpr advantage and join the growing community of golfers who have discovered that shipping golf clubs ahead is easy, affordable, and worry-free.”

The best way to ship golf clubs

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Packaging Your Clubs

To ensure your clubs travel safely, we recommend using a freight-approved hard travel case. If that’s not available, securely packaging your golf bag in a sturdy double-walled cardboard box is a good alternative. Specialized boxes for golf clubs are easily accessible online due to the growing popularity of golf club shipping. While we do accept clubs in a standard golf bag inside a soft carry case, make sure to tuck in and secure the straps. No matter the packaging you choose, ensure thorough wrapping and extra protection, particularly for vulnerable areas like driver heads.

Best Way To Ship Golf Clubs | Sherpr

Measurements & Sizing

Most golf clubs fit within our standard per-item golf shipping allowance of 53lbs with maximum dimensions of 47″ x 12″ x 12″. However, for accurate pricing, please visit our quote page for a customized quote or drop our team an email today at [email protected]. Some golf bags may exceed this allowance when packaged due to their bulkiness. In such instances, many choose a smaller golf bag without large external pockets, allowing it to fit snugly inside a golf shipping box. To avoid any potential issues, we recommend measuring your closed golf bag before choosing your box or freight case.

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Advance Booking

When sending your golf clubs ahead for a trip or tournament, it’s wise to plan for their arrival a few days before yours. While we pride ourselves on our excellent track record for timely delivery, unforeseen delays can sometimes happen. We suggest having your clubs arrive at least three days ahead of your schedule, or five days if shipping to or from a remote area. Shipping golf clubs with Sherpr not only ensures they arrive safely but also allows you to focus on preparing for your upcoming golfing adventure without any worry about logistics.

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Where To Send Your Clubs

In our experience, golf clubs often accommodate this arrangement. Likewise, when planning a golfing getaway to popular destinations such as Scotland, hotels are usually happy to receive and store your clubs in their luggage room before your arrival. Many of our clients choose to stay at golf resorts where there may not be anyone available to sign for their golf clubs upon arrival. To solve this, they prefer to ship their clubs ahead to the resort reception, pro shop, or other designated area within the club.

Why shipping golf clubs is a great idea

Choosing a golf delivery service like Sherpr introduces a whole host of benefits that make it a smart choice for golfers of all levels including:

Convenience: Hate hauling heavy golf bags through airports or squeezing them into your vehicle? Shipping your clubs lets you travel light and hands-free.

Stress-free travel: Get rid of the chore of lugging hefty golf bags through busy airports or cramming them into your car. Sending your clubs ahead ensures a lighter and more relaxed journey.

Cost-effective: Airlines often impose hefty fees for transporting sports equipment like golf clubs. Shipping yours could save you a bundle by avoiding these additional expenses.

Protection: Golf clubs are delicate creatures vulnerable to mishaps during transit. Shipping them allows you to encase them securely in a protective cocoon, reducing the risk of damage compared to airline or car handling.

Insurance: Sherpr provides comprehensive insurance coverage options for your clubs, offering peace of mind in the event of transit-related harm.

Flexibility: Whether your travels take you near or far, sending your clubs enables you to dispatch them directly to your desired location, whether it’s a hotel, golfing sanctuary, or another address.

Avoid rentals: Shipping your own clubs spares you the hassle and cost of renting equipment at your destination. Stick with your trusted gear for an enhanced gaming experience.

Time-saving: Shipping golf clubs ahead of time saves so much time at the airport. Instead of grappling with lengthy check-in queues or oversized baggage, simply arrange for pick-up directly from your doorstep.

Hands-on support: Our service includes dedicated assistance, guiding you through each stage of the process for a seamless, stress-free experience.

Frequently asked questions

If you are looking for ease and convenience, Sherpr’s dependable and cost-effective golf club shipping service fits the bill. With just four easy steps, you can book to send your golf clubs to over 200 domestic and international destinations. Your clubs will be picked up directly from your doorstep and shipped safely to your hotel or golf resort, ready for your arrival.

If you are looking for speed, ease and convenience, the best way to ship golf clubs is Sherpr’s Express shipping solution. We provide safe and secure door-to-door collection and delivery of your golf clubs, with insurance and safe transportation, direct to your hotel or golf resort.  With flexible scheduling and tracking options included, if you’re considering shipping your golf clubs, you can get an instant quote online today.

Sherpr’s standard domestic delivery service is the most cost-effective way to send golf clubs within the US, with delivery costs from just $59. Get a quote online today.

Sherpr’s golf club shipping rates start from as little as $59. For the most cost effective way to have your golf clubs shipped internationally, choose our standard delivery service to any of 200+ domestic and global destinations. Get a quote online today.

If you’re thinking about shipping your golf clubs ahead, get an instant quote online and book your shipment in just four simple steps. For advice or a personalized shipping quote, contact our award-winning customer service team today. Email [email protected] today and enjoy safe, secure and speedy golf club shipping.