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Relocating Your Life and Career from Canada to the US


Are you dreaming of sunny California beaches or bustling New York City? Internationally relocating from Canada to US is an exciting adventure, but careful planning is key.  Consider your visa options, research the cost of living in your chosen area, and navigate tax implications.  Embrace the cultural shift while tackling logistics to make your cross-border move smooth.

Visa and Immigration Requirements

While Canadians enjoy some visa perks compared to other nationalities, navigating a move to the US still requires understanding visa requirements. Here’s a breakdown:

Visa-free travel: Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Canadians generally don’t need visas for short visits, business trips, or casual tourism.

Visas You Might Need

Living and Working: If your goal is working or residing long-term, you’ll need a specific visa. Common options include:

TN professional visa: Ideal for pre-arranged professional jobs listed under NAFTA professions (think engineers, accountants, scientists).

Employment-based visas: For sponsored positions by a US employer. Categories vary depending on skill level and job type.

Family-based visas: For spouses, fiancés(és), or immediate family of US citizens.

Obtaining Your Visa

The process typically involves these steps:

Identify your visa category: Research on the USCIS website to determine the visa that best suits your situation.

Petition and application: Your employer (for work visas) or US citizen relative (for family visas) may need to file a petition on your behalf with USCIS. Then, you’ll submit a formal application with required documents like proof of qualifications, medical exams, and financial resources.

Interview and processing: Attend a visa interview at a US consulate or embassy in Canada. Processing times vary depending on the visa category and current workload.

Immigration laws are complex, and this is a simplified overview. Consider consulting with an immigration attorney for personalized guidance on your specific situation.

Job Search Strategies

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Landing your dream job in the US requires a multi-pronged approach. Here’s how to maximize your chances:

Networking Efforts: Reach out to former colleagues to inform them of your move and interest in US opportunities. Utilize online professional communities like LinkedIn groups and industry forums to expand your network and gain insights into the US job market.

Job Search Strategies: Explore various avenues such as general job platforms, niche boards, and company websites to find suitable positions. Additionally, consider partnering with targeted recruitment agencies specializing in your industry or visa type, such as TN visas.

Relationship Building: Focus on building relationships with recruiters who can advocate for you with potential employers. Tailor your resume to highlight relevant qualifications and use keywords from job postings to increase visibility.

Market Research and Preparation: Research the US job market to understand salary ranges, company cultures, and in-demand skills for your industry. Practice interviewing by researching common US interview questions and preparing articulate answers that showcase your skills and experience.

Remember, a successful job search takes time and effort. Be persistent, refine your approach as needed, and don’t hesitate to adapt your resume and interview strategy for each position you target.

Housing Options

Finding your ideal US home hinges on your long-term plans and budget. Here’s a breakdown of options:

Renting: A flexible choice, perfect for short stays or exploring different areas. Research rental prices, average security deposits, and neighbourhood amenities.

Buying: A significant investment, but offers potential long-term benefits like equity building. Factor in mortgage pre-approval, closing costs, and property taxes when budgeting.

Temporary Accommodations: Consider furnished rentals or extended-stay hotels for short-term needs while you house-hunt or acclimate to a new city.

Research Factors

Explore neighbourhoods: Use online tools and local resources to understand the vibe, safety, commute times, and cost of living variations.

Budget for housing: Include rent/mortgage, utilities, and potential homeowner association fees in your calculations.

Navigation Process

Rental applications: Be prepared to submit proof of income, references, and potentially a credit check.

Home buying: Partner with a local realtor to navigate the buying process, including property viewings, making offers, and closing procedures.

Shipping Belongings from Canada to the US

Relocating from Canada to US | Sherpr

Leave the airport baggage drama with Sherpr! They ship your boxes & luggage directly from Canada to your new US home.

Effortless Convenience: No more lugging bags to the airport! Sherpr offers door-to-door shipping from Canada to US.

Budget-conscious: Skip airline baggage fees. Sherpr specializes in luggage and box shipping, making your move smoother and cheaper.

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Packing and Preparation

Moving belongings from Canada to US | Sherpr

When moving belongings from Canada to US, ensuring they arrive securely and efficiently is crucial. Proper packing materials, techniques, and adherence to guidelines can make a significant difference.

Here are three essential tips to help you pack your items safely for shipping from Canada to US.

Select Appropriate Packing Materials: Use strong, corrugated cardboard boxes that can withstand the stresses of shipping. Cushion fragile items with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and foam inserts to protect them from impacts. Reinforce the bottom of each box with extra tape and a cardboard layer for added durability.

Utilize Effective Packing Techniques: Wrap each fragile item individually with bubble wrap and secure it with tape. Place heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items on top to distribute weight evenly and prevent shifting. Fill empty spaces with packing peanuts or crumpled paper to immobilize items and reduce the risk of damage during transit.

Ensure Proper Sealing and Labeling: Seal all box seams and edges with high-quality packing tape, applying double layers to the bottom and top seams for added security. Properly label boxes containing fragile items with “Fragile” stickers and indicate “This Side Up” where necessary to guide handlers. Prepare a detailed packing list for customs and consider insuring valuable items for their full replacement value, documenting their condition with photos before packing.

By following these guidelines, you can help ensure your belongings arrive safely and securely at their destination in the US.

Customs Clearance and Documentation

Understanding the customs for international shipping to US is very important. Here’s a quick guide:

Documentation is Essential: Prepare detailed customs documents like invoices, packing lists, and an import declaration. These documents should list the items you’re shipping, their value, and a brief description.

Know Your Limits: The US allows duty-free entry for personal belongings under a certain value (check current CBP regulations). Be prepared to declare items exceeding the limit and potentially pay duties and taxes.

Honesty is Best Policy: Accurately list the contents and value of your shipment. Discrepancies can lead to delays or even seizure of your belongings.

By being prepared with proper documentation and following import regulations, you can ensure a smooth customs clearance process for your Canadian belongings entering the US.

Adjusting to Life in the US

While Canada and the US share some similarities, cultural differences exist. Be prepared for variations in social etiquette, humour, and potentially even the pace of life. Embrace these differences with an open mind – it’s part of the adventure!

Here are some practical tips:

Healthcare: Research US health insurance options. Many employers offer health plans, or you can explore individual plans. Familiarize yourself with nearby hospitals and clinics.

Transportation: Public transportation systems vary by city. Consider purchasing a car or exploring alternative options like biking or ride-sharing apps.

Everyday Needs: Don’t worry about finding familiar brands at first. Explore local grocery stores and shops – you might discover new favourites!

The adjustment period can be challenging. Don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Online communities and local immigrant resource centers can offer valuable guidance and a sense of belonging. Remember, you’re not alone in this exciting new chapter!

How to Book Sherpr’s Services

Moving to US | Sherpr

Sherpr makes your US move easy. Focus on the excitement of your new adventure, and let Sherpr handle the heavy lifting!

Here’s how to book Sherpr’s convenient shipping from Canada to US.

Book Online: Head to Sherpr’s website and get a free quote. Enter your pick-up location in Canada and your delivery address in the US. Specify the number of boxes and bags you’ll be shipping.

Pack Smart: Sherpr provides detailed packing instructions online.  Use high-quality boxes and pack strategically to maximize space. Clearly label each box with contents and the designated room in your new US home.

Relax and Track: Once booked, Sherpr will arrange pick-up at your doorstep in Canada. You’ll receive tracking information so you can monitor your shipment’s progress and enjoy a stress-free relocation Canada to US.


Relocating from Canada to the US is an exciting journey, but meticulous planning is essential. Understanding visa requirements, job search strategies, housing options, and customs clearance are crucial steps. Sherpr stands out as the preferred choice for shipping solutions for US from Canada.With door-to-door pickup and delivery, Sherpr ensures a stress-free relocation experience. By following packing tips and utilizing Sherpr’s reliable shipping service Canada to US, your move becomes smoother. Say goodbye to Canada and hello to the US with confidence, knowing Sherpr has your back for a hassle-free transition.