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Important instructions for preparing your shipment


  • Ensure your suitcase is sturdy enough to sustain the weight
  • Ensure all locks and handles are secure and undamaged
  • Remove any old labels/stickers on the case, particularly ones that have a barcode on them
  • Any item larger than the dimensions given on booking will be automatically charged to the customer
  • Any item overweight will be automatically charged to the customer
  • Remember, we do not accept duffle bags or rucksacks
  • Do not over fill your suitcase and ensure you are able to close it securely without undue pressure
  • Protect precious items by individually wrapping them in bubble wrap
  • Print and attach your labels securely
  • Labels will not stick to canvas bags/cases unless you follow our video instructions
  • Place the additional consignment label in your suitcase/bag as an extra security measure

Cardboard Boxes

  • When picking a box, a new box is best. Old boxes may be damaged or weak
  • A double walled corrugated box is ideal for protection and sturdiness. We recommend these boxes.
  • Ensure it is able to sustain the weight of your items
  • Ensure it is big enough for your needs, within our maximum dimensions, and has space around all sides, top and bottom for additional padding for protection
  • Print and attach your labels securely
  • Remove all old labels on the box, particularly ones that have an old barcode on them
  • Use packaging material, ie/ bubble wrap, for packing between the box and your items on all sides as well as top and bottom of the box. There should be at least 4cm of packaging material protecting your goods on all sides
  • Precious or fragile items must be wrapped in bubble wrap individually
  • Gently shake the box. If you can hear your items moving around or rattling, you do require more packaging material
  • Couriers tend to ignore “Fragile Tape” and “Fragile Stickers” and are under no obligation to treat your parcel any differently to any other in transit
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