Travelling to or from Spain? Sherpr offers a fast, no-hassle, door-to-door shipping service, allowing you to travel hands-free

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    Get an instant quote for shipping to and from 200 other destinations. Our easy-to-use site will guide you to fill out the relevant customs forms through your Sherpr account.

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    Pack your items up securely and safely in a strong, durable box or suitcase. Attach the labels that you can print yourself or receive through the post.

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    Our courier partners will pick up your shipment directly from you at home, or another address of your choice. Track your items online every step of the way.

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Why ship to Spain with Sherpr?

Shipping to Spain, door-to-door luggage courier service

  • Simple Shipping to Spain

    Forget the hassle and stress of airports and airlines, mishandled goods and excess baggage fees. Sherpr’s student shipping service means you can travel to the airport hands-free and avoid excess baggage queues.

    Send your personal items to over 200+ countries and unlike airlines, we provide you with a flat rate and no additional charges.

  • Customs

    When shipping items internationally, you will be required to provide information on the contents of your shipment by completing an online customs form. The form will be available to complete on your account after your order is placed. Sherpr will then provide you with all of the relevant shipping documents. If you’re shipping items from the USA to Spain, please visit our Spanish customs page for more information.

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Why ship to Spain with Sherpr?

Ship your luggage and boxes, door to door

  • Relocation

    Spain is a box ticker when it comes to relocation. With sleepy coastal towns for retirees, vibrant cities for students, and beachy resorts for hospitality professionals. The climate is another huge draw thanks to the warm summers and mild spring months which make outdoor living possible. Plus expats can look forward to a Mediterranean diet of locally-grown olives, freshly caught fish and seasonal fruits. 

  • Students

    Don’t let international shipping take the shine off studying abroad. Our team can take that off your hands with our affordable door-to-door student shipping service to Spain. Check out our student page for more information. 

  • Leisure Travel

    Spain’s got walled villages, medieval battlements, and sepia fishing villages dotted with sailboats. People head to the cities for culture on the cobblestones and nightlife, and in the mountainous regions wellness retreats spring up beside hidden beaches. 

    If you’re heading to Spain for leisure travel, don’t mess around with airport queues and excess baggage fees. Send your items with us and we’ll have it waiting at your hotel, ready for your arrival.

  • Business Travel

    Spain is a popular option for expats looking to set up their own business in the hospitality trade. The language is relatively easy to pick up and flights are affordable. For accommodation, relocators are spoilt with everything from Andalusian villas complete with pebbled courtyards and vaulted ceilings, to airy city apartments. 

    We can help you or your company send items to Spain. Compared to airlines, we let you send more items and at a weight of up to 30kg with no additional fees.

  • Sports Vacation

    If you are travelling to Spain for pleasure or work then you may want to send your sports equipment ahead of time. With Sherpr, we can provide you with boxes made specifically for bikes and golf clubs, ensuring they travel safely in transit.

  • COVID Care Packages

    We send packages of any size around the world. Use our Get a Quote button below to see how much it could cost you to send your gifts and COVID care packages with us. 

Customs information for Spain

Follow our recommended guide on customs requirements for your travel or relocation to Spain

Packing Considerations

Follow our guide and recommendations on how to pack your items for safe shipping to Spain

Box Shipping | Sherpr


When it comes to packing, the sturdier the suitcase the better – this goes for hard or soft cases. You’ll need to tuck in all straps, and if that’s not possible tape them down or remove them.  Next, put your labels in a plastic sleeve and attach this securely to the suitcase with cable ties. Lastly, make sure you leave your suitcase unlocked in case customs or the courier need to verify the contents.  

Unfortunately we don’t accept rucksacks and holdalls and we don’t recommend using designer luggage for shipping from the USA to Spain.

International Removals | Sherpr


For shipping boxes to Spain, choose a double-walled box or higher and wrap fragile items individually, then cushion them with bubble wrap or something similar. If you can, spread your heavier items between boxes and include a copy of your label in the box. This helps with verification. 

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