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Easy shipping from UK to Barbados

Shipping Luggage to Barbados | Sherpr

Shipping luggage to Barbados

Discover stress-free luggage shipping to Barbados and an economical solution that is tailored to your needs. Say farewell to excess baggage fees and luggage restrictions – with Sherpr’s efficient luggage shipping service, boasting a weight limit of 30kg per item, we’ll get your bags to your destination ready for your arrival. Travel to Barbados hands and hassle-free!

Send package to Barbados | Sherpr

Send packages to Barbados

For UK to Barbados shipping, Sherpr’s easy-to-use website offers unbeatable rates. Send packages to Barbados from UK effortlessly with swift parcel delivery through our vast courier network, and the added convenience of tracking your shipment’s progress online as it makes its way to Barbados.

Ship to Barbados from UK in 4 simple steps

  1. Book

    Get a quote online and book your shipment. Fill in the necessary customs forms step-by-step through your Sherpr account.

  2. Pack

    Pack your items securely and affix the labels which you can either print at home yourself or receive through the post from us, ready for collection.

  3. Track

    Our courier partners will collect it directly from your home address or another address of your choice. Keep track of it along the way with our online tracking service.

  4. Delivered

    Your items will be delivered straight to your chosen address. Avoid airport queues, delays and bypass unexpected fees when shipping to Barbados from UK with Sherpr.

We make shipping easy for…

  • Relocation

    Expats relocate to Barbados to get back to nature and soak up the Caribbean island’s rich culture. From wild surfing spots to horseshoe-shaped bays shaded by palms – Barbados is a mix of incredible landscapes and legendary nightlife. 

    If you’re moving to Barbados we can help with our international removals shipping service. All we need is a short description of the items you’re planning on taking and your reason for moving (for customs purposes). Then you’ll need to pack your items in walled boxes and sturdy suitcases. We’ll do the rest.

  • Students

    The education system in Barbados follow the same model as the British system – which helps for a smooth transition. The education standard is generally high here and English is the official language.

    Need help moving your things to Barbados to study? We can help you ship your items. Find out more information about student shipping.

  • Leisure Travel

    . Barbados is a leisure travellers playground. Whether you’re heading to the glitzy marinas for yachting or exploring the underground network of limestone caves – there’s something for everyone. Of course, the beaches are the biggest draw. Head to Carlisle Bay for diving during the day and come evening check out Bridgetown for nightlife. For shopping enthusiasts there’s a mix of high-end boutique stores like Louis Vuitton and local farmers markets with fresh fish stalls.

    If you’re heading to Barbados on holiday, don’t mess around with airport queues and excess baggage fees. Send luggage ahead with us and we’ll have it waiting at your hotel, ready for your arrival.

  • Business Travel

    For expats looking to get into the hospitality and tourism sectors, Barbados is a solid choice. 

    If you are travelling for business, why not have your company send your items ahead of time to save on excess baggage fees at the airport. With Sherpr, you can send more personal items vs airlines at a weight up to 30kg with no additional fees.

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Shipping from UK to Barbados


  • Know the rules

    For a seamless shipping experience from the UK to Barbados, we recommend consulting Barbados’ customs and excise website to get a clear insight into their legal requirements. Equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge is essential for navigating the entire shipping process smoothly.

  • Shipping restrictions

    Before booking your shipment, it is crucial to understand the local guidelines for shipping to Barbados and have a detailed idea about permissible items because certain items may be restricted and/or subject to import duties and taxes.

  • Packaging your items

    Pack your shipment safely and securely in a sturdy suitcase. Make sure that any straps are tucked in or taped down. And for sending parcels and boxes, wrap individual fragile items with cushioning, such as bubble wrap and distributing the weight evenly.

  • Paperwork to ship to Barbados

    When shipping internationally, it is necessary to complete a local customs form. Simplify the entire process with Sherpr’s platform, which offers an intuitive online interface for handling all necessary documentation.

  • Insurance for valuable items

    Sherpr provides reassurance for your belongings with insurance coverage starting at £100, extendable up to £3000, ensuring peace of mind every time you ship to Barbados from UK.

  • Cheap shipping to Barbados

    Sherpr offers a fusion of quality and affordability through its pocket-friendly pricing options. The Economy option starts from only £187.00 for 20kg luggage or boxes, rates that are 85% lower than those of standard courier services.

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3 reasons for for shipping with Sherpr

1. Hassle-free travel

Make your route to Barbados and back smoother with Sherpr. When it comes to shipping luggage to Barbados, particularly for sporting breaks, with Sherpr’s hassle-free service you can forget the hefty costs of shipping outdoor equipment for surfing, golfing, biking or hiking. Benefit from our reliable solution, particularly when transporting heavy items.

2. Easy and cheap

Sherpr helps relieve worries about losing your luggage in transit and being faced with unexpected excess baggage charges by providing a flat rate shipping service. Opt for Sherpr’s seamless door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service, an economical way to travel, luggage, hands and hassle-free!

3. Flexible and versatile

If you’re moving home to Barbados, or you need help keeping the cost of international removals and home shipping down, Sherpr is ready to help. We also help students, offering reliable shipment solutions to and from Barbadian universities to ease their transition between dormitories and homes. Our tailored service is specifically designed to meet your relocation needs.

Frequently asked questions

Shipping to Barbados with Sherpr starts at £187.00 for 20kg and £264.00 for 30kg. Our Express shipping option costs £300.00 for 20kg and £424.00 for 30kg boxes and luggage.

Sherpr’s Standard delivery solution focuses on affordability, guaranteeing delivery within 9-10 working days. Our Express option promises expedited delivery within 7-8 working days.

Securely pack your items in sturdy boxes and book either Sherpr’s Economy or Express shipping service for stress-free delivery. The Economy option starts at just £187.00 for 20kg parcels, ensuring a swift delivery within 7 to 8 working days. Fill in the necessary customs form through your Sherpr account and attach labels to your parcels ready for collection.

Sherpr provides you with an affordable and swift shipping solution at rates that are 85% lower than standard courier costs. With our Economy option, you can send packages and luggage weighing up to 20kg for £167 and 30kg for £264.00 within 9-10 working days.